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Syfy Portal is reporting that Paramount has a new Star Trek movie in the works with a completely new cast and creative people in mind.

The project, currently know as “Untitled Star Trek Prequel” is slated for a release sometime in 2007 in a move Paramount execs hope will rekindle a franchise that is just about dead.

Although there isn’t many details about the project the one thing that is known is that Eric Jedresen, best known for his role as a producer and writer on Band of Brothers, is handling the script and that the story will be set sometime between the total crap that was Star Trek Enterprise and the original Star Trek series.

“We’re going [roughly 80] years before Kirk. It’s an earlier time, and I think it would be really refreshing to feel something in the course of telling this tale, instead of being wowed by special effects, or presenting another crew in jeopardy where, in the end, the captain does something brilliant, and all’s right with the world.”

Jedresen is quoted saying Star Trek needs an epic adventure and I couldn’t agree more. I remember watching the original series as a kid and then this great feeling of awe and wonder as The Next Generation took to the airwaves.

Star Trek was really the only science fiction show on television for years when I was growing up and it undoubtedly influenced me as a writer. Then Deep Space Nine came on and I think the series hit a high water mark that it has never been able to surpass.

Voyager was never properly developed and Enterprise was darn near un-watchable. The movies weren’t bad, but always seemed to be missing something because it was quiet clear none of the major cast members were going to die and it was going to return to status quo at the end of the film. Somewhere along the way I stopped caring.

Star Trek got bogged down in it’s on formula of a crew has to be made up this way, a cast has to consist of these positions. A story has to be resolved within a certain time frame. The ship has to function a certain way, look a certain way. All alien cultures have essentially the same morals, technology and level of culture. All of which led to all of the stories being the same.

I don’t consider myself a Star Trek fan anymore. I haven’t watched more then a handful of episodes since the fourth season of Deep Space Nine (I was in college and had better things to drink, I mean do, with my time). Jedresen is right, Star Trek needs a grand adventure, hopefully he’ll be able to write one and get it passed the producers who have been killing the house that Gene made for years.

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  • Paul

    Doesn’t seem like you were ever really a fan. You don’t appreciate or even the really important things about Trek.

  • I thought that Enterprise was the best Star Trek since TOS. Far better than anything with Whoopi Goldberg in a cardboard hat and a warship with a daycare center. For one thing, they only resorted to the Holo-Deck crutch once, and that was an episode contrived to kill off the series.

  • If the first three seasons of Enterprise had been as good as the fourth season (well except for the last episode), Enterprise would still be on TV. Now I wonder what the difference was “cough” Manny Cotto replacing Berman & Braga “cough”.

  • “Then Deep Space Nine came on and I think the series hit a high water mark that it has never been able to surpass.”

    Finally, someone else who appreciates DS9. You don’t know how much crap I’ve read from people who blame Star Trek’s troubles on DS9. If you look at ratings, DS9 consistentlytook in 6-7 million people during the time Voyager also ran. People wanted Voyager to succeed but it consistently lost viewers and averaged like 2-3 million viewers its final 2 seasons.

    While I like the idea of a “remake” of Star Trek of sorts, I think it’s still too soon. I’m glad they’re getting someone with talent to write it. Band Of Brothers was amazing. But Nemesis had writer John Logan, who Gladiator and Any Given Sunday, so maybe that doesn’t work too well either.

  • Al

    How dare you call Enterprise “crap”!

    I agree that DS9 was great — brilliant even — but Enterprise was also amazing! You also badmouthed Voyager which was perhaps the most fun to watch Star Trek series of all. You’re crazy, and you shouldn’t be writing articles.

  • Was that before or after Jeri Ryan came on the show? :o)

  • Fred

    You’ve got a lot of valid points. though.

  • CE

    Star Trek’s biggest problem these days is that rather than being ‘new’ and ‘fresh’, it is in fact something which 95% of people don’t want to be associated with. It’s ‘geeky’. I think that’s a stone around it’s neck from which it can now never recover.

  • Judy

    I really loved the Enterprise series. (As well as TNG and Voyager). The problem with Enterprise was UPN. Their heart is to be a sports channel, not a sci-fi channel. I would look forward to watching Enterprise, rush home from my college classes to watch it, and find a sports game on the air instead of Enterprise. UPN did not do anything in the way of promoting the series, or letting people know exactly when the newest episode would be aired. Someones they would air it later that day – often not. Or would schedule it against other popular sci-fi channel shows. They are responsible for its collaspe. UPN doesn’t know how to anything except pre-empt great shows for sports. If Enterprise was picked up by a channel as dedicated to sci-fi viewers as sci-fi viewers are to these shows, it would have been (and still could be) a hugh success.