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Stage suicide redux

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Well, that controversial Hell on Earth gig set to include the suicide of a
terminally ill fan is due to take place tomorrow night, and local authority attempts to stop it from happening are being hampered by their inability to find the band. A judge in the Florida town of St Petersburg granted an ’emergency ordinance’ yesterday forbidding the band from going ahead with the performance, even if it was an “illusion”. However the city authorities are having trouble serving that ordinance because the band, including frontman Billy Tourtelot, have gone into hiding.

As previously reported, the controversial gig, which aims to promote thecause of the ‘right to die’ movement, is now due to take place in a secret location after the owners of the venue the band were booked to play got cold feet. The band are promising to webcast the gig, though their website was down yesterday leading to speculation local authorities had asked the band’s ISP to close it down.

Confirming bailiffs were attempting to serve the ’emergency ordinance’ on the band, a city official told the BBC yesterday: “We are not totally sure where the band is. We are trying to locate Mr Tourtelot. We had a lead this afternoon but either we missed him by 10 minutes or else it was the wrong person.”

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  • These idiots are getting a lot of suicide publicity. This whole situation reminds me of the movie Faces of Death.