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Square to Release Final Fantasy VI Remake

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Square is giving Game Boy Advance loyalists another chance to fire up the portable with the expansive adventure Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy VI was originally released in the United States under the title Final Fantasy III for the Super Nintendo, marking it as the last U.S. title to follow the differing lineage prior to the franchise’s infamous jump to part seven.

The game’s story revolves around the War of the Magi, in which the world was torn apart by creatures known as espers. When it had seemed like the espers and magic had vanished from the world, 1,000 years following the war, an esper is found frozen inside of a mine. Players embark on an epic quest to uncover its secrets and protect it from the Empire along with a large cast of playable characters.

The Game Boy Advance release marks the first time Final Fantasy VI has been available in portable form. Rolling out the red carpet for the release, Square is adding new dungeons into the mix as well as a few other new features.

Enhanced graphics flesh out the package as Square looks to release the title, which may be the system’s final big-name game, on Feb. 5.

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  • Exe!

    Best game ever made. FF VII? FF VIII? No way dude, Final Fantasy VI (also know as Final Fantasy III in america) is t father and the Lord of the saga. Long life to Kefka.

  • MetalGod

    FFVI is the lord of all FF, in the base of his briliante story. As a matter of fact, The world was not torn apart by the espers, but yes by humans that wanted the power of the espers! that was the the real thing behind the war of Magi
    Long life Kefka I say as well

  • FFVI

    You don’t expect the world to end in the middle of the game, nor do you expect many things in this. This final fantasy game, to my knowledge was marked as the ‘Greatest game ever made’ in many RPG places still. We don’t even have a real ‘chosen one’ who gets most of the power. At first, it’s Terra until she becomes an esper and evenually, Celes becomes the main character for a short amount of time. Even at the ending, Terra’s role is basically equal to everyone else’s.
    Great game, Lord of all GBAs, easily, lord of more things, but too much to list.

  • This game is what all rpgs drive to be, if youve never played a final fantasy, this is a good place to start. the graphics may not be the best in the world… but who needs graphics when the story line is so good it makes me want to cry and boast about it every time i hear the games name. phenomenal game. 10/10

  • Khumash

    Sure this is the best FF ever. The plot is incredible! The sound and music is amazing (SNES has the best sound)! What can one say? Just play it and see… it IS the best RPG ever made for video games!

  • Toot Braunstein

    Cloud may be the king of all FF characters, but Terra is the queen ruling at his side, not Tifa.

  • hankberube

    does anyone knows if the FFVIII will be a remake for the playstation 3. i saw a opening video of the game. if yes when will it be out.

  • rxantos

    FF6 is the Best Final Fantasy Ever. (storywise). Plus it had a lot of lose ends that lend itself to a sequel or prequel.

    In particulary I would like to see squarenix to do one describing “The War of The Magi” that everyone talks about on FF6. It would be amazing to see that on todays PS3.

  • the truth

    yah this is not true at all!

  • FF6/3 is the best of the FF series!

    No, it really is true, FF6/3 was and still is by a very, very long way the best of the Final Fantasy series and definitely one of the best RPG games ever made.

    If you haven’t played it I highly reccommend to play it all the way through til the end. If you started playing the FF series after part 6/3 (from part 7 on) then you really just don’t get the true FF experience. Part 7 and 9 were still pretty decent additions to the FF series. But FF1-6 were the true FF games other than FF7 & FF9. The rest have been a big let down for true FF game lovers. Hopefully part 13 can redeem the series… And sorry to some of you out there but 8 was a piece of shit compared to the first 7 Final Fantasy installments. FF8 by far the biggest mistake made by Squaresoft.

  • ??

    Many players have a love/hate with FF8. I personally liked how you could not out level it. FF9 had a great storyline and FFX was plain awesome. But FFVI still takes the crown.

  • seno

    As a young child I had a truly pure and serious conection with the ff6\3 .so strong that ten years later at the very tune of the title I acualy tear up.not because I’m in touch with my feelings but because I know the guys from square don’t care about replenishing our visions.their more worryed about replenishing their pockets.

  • seno

    Remake ff7 and Ff3 at all cost .put all these borderline garbage projects to the side and focus on something important.. money\fanbase.we are semi responsble 4 not doing all we can to be heard.all u fans.I’m sure there’s millions of u.should send e-mails not threats.organize rallys.protests use websites like this one 2 brainstorm I don’t know what ever it takes 2 see the old school turn new.COME HOME ALREADY!!! I sorry but I miss the legacy:(

  • seno

    Some one give info to comunicate with square and ill show u how we make this happen..

  • I wrote a full-length novel based on Final Fantasy VI. Click on my name to read it.

  • Ben Lewis

    What is the novels’ name? I’m interested.

  • Greg Reeb

    square would make bank, if they remade FF6-3… FFX was a great game but how great would it have been if it had graphics such as FF6-3..? think about it. FF6-3 is the greatest game of all time. hands down. its a gold-mine waiting to be re-born.

  • dmariuzzo

    The best game ever, and the best FF ever: Final Fanrasy VI, i really wish a 3D story, i prefer ofr Wii/PS3/60, dont care, but i really want a 3D version

  • trig

    i agree with most of you guy, 6 WAS THE BEST GAME EVER in my opinion. after playing ff6, i become a rpg lover and i would be thrilled to see a remake of the game

  • osmium

    FFVI is the best RPG i’ve ever played .. i don’t even know why FFVII is more popular,

    if this will ever be remaked , i wish they only touch the graphics, don’t even bother changing the story , setting, and the epic characters, or even the gameplay!

  • jes

    so far… FFVI became my most favorite game…. overall!

  • RikkuChere

    Don’t even touch the story that would be horrible. Grew up with the games, Love the originals more than the news ones. And when I say originals I mean I to VI includeing Mistic Quest. My older brother learned how to read off these games. And of course long live Kefka.

  • Johnny T

    FFVI was by far the best Final Fantasy game created, better than it’s 5 predecessors, and greater than the following. Sure FFVII was great, but in my opinion, it was the last game Squaresoft had, that truly grasped all the elements of a fantastic storyline. IX was great, and X was good. But the depth they went into with the characters in VI, and how they all seemed to meld in together, was phenomenal. This was the first game I had ever played and was udner the title, FFIII for the SNES. EVer since I’ve had a distinct love for RPG’s! I recommend this game to anyone looking for a truly pure RPG to play, one with a great story, characters, and plot. There will never be another game quite like it.

  • Game Zone

    Love the FF franchise. The new FF is great. Great story line and awesome graphics.