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Spurs Empire Annexes Cleveland In Finals Sweep

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We're not gonna lie. BC Magazine and its subsidiaries all have a heavy Cleveland bias. Which means we're all sort of hoping the Cavaliers pulled off the unthinkable in the NBA Finals against the rather thinkable San Antonio Spurs. Oddly enough, rational thought prevailed.

When the Spurs capped off their ho-hum sweep of the Cavaliers Thursday night by the score of 83-82, instinct told me to write this from a Lake Erie perspective. After all, 22-year-old LeBron James is the most fascinating story of the past two months.

But James will have his moments in the future. This moment belongs to the monochromatic Spurs.

Somehow, a major American sports team has claimed four championships in a 10-year span, yet not one player on the team has any kind of celebrity status, and — most impressively — there really is no hatred toward this team, much like there was with the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys of the 1990s. Their uninspiring style of basketball is in itself inspiring.

Teenage kids go on the playground pretending to be Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. (Or LeBron James!) I don't think a lot of their friends, unless they live in San Antonio, will pretend they're Tim Duncan or Tony Parker. But somewhere, a fledgling coach is in his office pretending they're Gregg Popovich. The Spurs coach is now the proud owner of four NBA championship rings.

And to throw in a baseball term, they've hit for the NBA Finals cycle. They've won a championship every way possible: in four games, five games ('99 vs. Knicks), six games ('03 vs. Nets), and seven games ('05 vs. Pistons). So with this rational thought, we have to sit down as a nation of fans and deduce that the Spurs, who simply demoralized all our hopes and dreams, are the most dynamic dynasty today, for they'll play whatever style of basketball to win ball games.

Maybe in 20 years we'll look back on the Spurs dynasty in a sort of Lenny Bruce fashion, in that they were so ahead or their time in terms of team philosophy, that we didn't appreciate them enough. But it's okay, Cleveland — in 20 years we'll also have good things to say about the Cavaliers.

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  • OK, so I’m biased for the Spurs, but that’s still a great article, Matt.

    Indeed, Cavs fans have a lot to look forward to for a long time to come. LeBron already has the heart of a champion.

  • As a Spurs fan, let it be known that Brent Barry now has 200% more Championship rings by himself than the entire Cleveland Cavs franchise.

    Truly fitting for the best player on the team.

    Feel free to flame away at the previous, and quite serious, comment.

  • “Brent Barry now has 200% more Championship rings by himself than the entire Cleveland Cavs franchise. “

    So, zero?

  • Before rubbing Cleveland noses in a victory, it might be nice to at least run it through a calculator first.

    As for all the talk about Cleveland having the worst finals team ever, that is a lot of sour grapes from the eastern conference and some west coast bias by the western. The Cavs were overmatched, but they certainly didn’t play as well against the spurs as they did against detroit. They went from hot to cold in no time flat.

    The Cavs will be back. They are young and on the rise unlike Detroit and others in the east.

  • Robert Horry has seven rings – coming off the bench.

    The Spurs are a great franchise and four titles in nine years certainly merits consideration for the dynasty moniker in today’s sports landscape. However, doesn’t a team need to at least win back to back (in other words defend) their title in order to be a pure dynasty? Let’s call them an empire.

  • RJ

    Spurs in 4 :-/

  • “Robert Horry has seven rings – coming off the bench.”

    Only the last two. He started for Houston and L.A.

  • well, suss, i can’t help but think that the lack of disdain for the spurs (in cleveland or elsewhere) is at least partly due to a lack of caring about them in the first place.

    i refer to both a lack of celebrity and family attitude that is disinteresting to anyone beyond true fans, and a more general disinterest in what (to me) was a rather dull playoff year.

  • sorry.

    “lack of celebrity and abundance of family attitude”

  • “So, zero?”

    All right, you caught me.

  • Akhilleus13

    I forget who it was, but right after the Spurs won game 4, one of them said Manu is their only flashy guy. Exactly how is he flashy? If anyone on the Spurs is flashy, you would think it would be Parker, with his movie-star girlfriend. Maybe he meant that Manu has a flashy style of play–he does make some exciting plays at important moments. Check out what he had to say about his game 4 performance:
    – Brad from The Sports Desk at TheNewsRoom.com

  • The Haze

    The Spurs play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. Too many teams in sports today are not humble in victory nor are they humble in defeat,but isn’t that the way of the world? Thump your chest in victory and point your finger in defeat. The “Alamo Boys” are a throwback to the days when it was a game. They will be remembered,by those who know the game,as a “Dynasty”. As for those who think they aren’t “exciting enough”,go back to watching wrestling!

  • For the most part they are humble. Although I heard that right after the win, Robert Horry flashed seven fingers at the camera for his seven rings. Hardly humble.

  • Did you hear Horry do that or did you see it? Did Horry make the ABC cameraman take the shot or did the cameraman ask? Never heard anyone complain when Jordan ran around the court with his fingers in the air.

  • “Did you hear Horry do that or did you see it?”

    I heard about it in the link, where I saw it. </yogi>

    “Did Horry make the ABC cameraman take the shot or did the cameraman ask?”


    “Never heard anyone complain when Jordan ran around the court with his fingers in the air.”

    Did you hear someone complain? Or did you see it?