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Spruce Up Your Urban Outdoor Space

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Here are tips from Marie Viljoen at Holly, Wood & Vine:

1. Topdress your planters or garden with an inch of compost.

Why: to improve the soil structure; retain moisture in the soil; and introduce friendly organisms to city soil.

Where: The Lower East Side Ecology Center sells Vermicompost for $10 a bag. It is made from New York City restaurant kitchen scraps and is clean, clean, clean.

2. Water your plants deeply and thoroughly less often, rather than teasing them with a sprinkle every day.

Why: to encourage deep and strong rather than weak and superficial root growth

How: water until it starts to run from the bottom of a planter. Water again when the soil an inch down is dry. You’re going to have to touch the soil to do this!

3. Consider buying native plants.

Why: to get in touch with what really grows in your area; they are low-maintenance.

What: Prunus maritima (beach plum) – lots of sun, sandy soil; frothy blossoms in spring, yummy fruit in summer

Amelanchier canadensis or Amelanchier laevis (shad bush) – sun to a little shade; more blossoms, even better berries

Vaccinium corymbosum (highbush blueberry) – delicious fruit and lovely fall color; add some peatmoss to raise the acidity of your soil

Find out what else Marie suggests in this video.

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