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Sports DVD Review: Bas Rutten MMA System Workout

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My best workout I’ve ever had that I’ve kept up with for an extended amount of time was a Krav Maga and MMA class I took for a little over a year. However, after about a year of paying the premium fee for gym membership, I decided that I couldn’t afford it. Since then, I’ve been longing to get back to a workout that gives me the same type of heavy bag work that we used to do at the gym.

Bas Rutten of MMABas Rutten, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, gives you that workout. The concept is simple. Put on the audio track, stand in front of the heavy bag, and do what Rutten says. Just like having an instructor yelling out combos and training tips to you as you work, Bas Rutten calls out the combos to string together a 30-minute arm stiffening workout.

The audio tracks let you choose to do a boxing, MMA, or kickboxing-centered workout, with two-minute or three-minute nonstop workouts with minute breaks. During the breaks, Rutten talks to you about improving technique, things to pay attention to, like always keeping your hands up. Then, when the minute is over, it’s back to business.

If you’ve got access to a heavy bag, or even just want to do this by air boxing, this is a great workout.

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