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Spoon – Kill the Moonlight

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Anybody who’s anybody already has this, right? Of course. This album moves. The best beat in like forever. This is what we need. Who else isn’t just bored to death of all the silly “rock” bands with no bounce? Really, what’s the point? I’ve got a bunch of albums that have come out this year and you can have all of them because this is the only one that counts.

Britt Daniel sings about the important things like sex and you know, just getting by (and he sings about them in just the right way in every simple yet effective song (I say they’re simple, but every one uses the stark sounds in really interesting ways. The guitars act like the bass and the pianos act like guitars and the vocals act like drums and the drums just pound away)). This album is so well made, the only possible pretensions are in the vocals and even then it’s arguable (I say they’re for real). No extra garbage on this album. Forty near perfect minutes.

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