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Spiritual Growth And The Power Of Language

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Our inner world is shown to the outer world through our words. Our words reveal our thoughts and our emotions. This article will briefly discuss how spiritual growth is related to the words we use.

Spiritual growth is the process of moving closer to our ideal state. Our ideal state is having the ability to let our true nature shine through. And our true nature is that which was given to us by our creator.

To let our true nature shine through we need to remove the many filters that distort our projected inner beauty. What are these filters made of? They are made of our emotions and our thoughts, both of which are expressed through our words.

Why have I chosen to focus on the words that we use? I could easily have focused on thoughts or emotions instead. The reason I have chosen words is that they are the easiest to observe. And they are the easiest for others to observe and point out to us.

If someone says to you that "you seem sad," that is an observation that you could take issue with. But if they just heard you say "I hate everybody" or "I love everybody," their observation is difficult to challenge.

It is difficult to directly change your thoughts because thoughts are so fleeting. If you were to try to follow your thoughts, you would see that they go from subject to subject to subject. To catch them in any one act is very hard.

The same is true for your emotions. They have a tendency to jump up and surprise us. Usually by the time we recognize an emotional state, such as anger, we are too far gone to be able to change what is going on.

But words are different. When we speak we have the ability to immediately hear what we have said. Our words can be corrected or modified once spoken, or even moderated before being sent into the world. So words can become our marker for change and growth. By changing our words we can change our lives.

How does changing our words help lighten the filters that block our true nature from shining through?

The process of thinking, having emotions, and then verbally responding produces a feedback loop. These loops are generated hundreds of times per day and become self-reinforcing. When the thoughts, emotions, and words tend toward the negative, the reinforced feedback loop that is produced becomes self-defeating.

The trick then is to break into the feedback loop and disrupt it. And once disrupted the components of the loop can be changed. A high-pitched microphone squeal is one of the most recognizable feedback loops. The way that loop is broken is by moving the microphone away from the speakers. By disrupting the inputs, the cycle is broken.

The more we are aware of what we say, the more we can replace our negative words with positive ones. The more positive and uplifting our words become, the more positive and uplifting our thoughts and emotions become.

By changing one of the inputs, the cycle can be changed.

The transformation process is very fast once it is started. The question becomes how and where to start.

The easiest approach is to become aware of all of the self-limiting words that you use, words like hate, stupid, try, should, idiots, etc. Whenever one of these words "pops up", you need to immediately stop what you are doing. Look at the emotions that you are having and the thoughts behind the emotions. Initially you will not notice anything. Everything will appear as it should be. Everything will appear normal.

But do not be fooled. Look deeper into your thoughts and emotions. Use the pick-and-shovel word "why" every time you come to a place where you feel content. Keep digging deeper and deeper.

There is nothing that you need to do after you have found something. Just notice and move on. But always be conscious of your words. Because it is changing your words that will break the pattern.

Negative and self-defeating thoughts, emotions, and words are not the natural order. They have been imposed from the outside. They have become the filters that block your true nature from shining though.

My views on one's true nature are beyond the scope of this article. It is sufficient to say that I believe one's true nature is not defined by all of the negatives that we see in the world.

If you continue this process, you will see remarkable changes in your life. All aspects of your life will improve. Just keep monitoring your words.

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  • Thank you for a very insightful post! Our words create our world – literally!!