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Spineshank – Self-destructive Pattern

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Spineshank are loud and in your face metal, that rocks with pulsing drumming and screaming vocals. Spineshank have a brilliant way of focusing their anger in just the right balance of melodic songs with a punch. I thought that track three “Smothered”, was the best of the album sounding like a combination of Linkin Park and Korn. If you like nu-metal then give Spineshank a listen. This sounds like Linkin Park with more testosterone and Spineshank do it better in my opinion. I spend my days listening to vinyl records of Van Morrison and The Doors, but I’m pretty sure if you were born after 1986, then you will dig Spineshank. I really liked the track “Beginning of the End” which displays tight musicianship with Linkin Park style vocals. Okay enough LP comparisons, because Spineshank can hold their own with any band hanging around the TRL studio.

Ben Matulich

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