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SpiderOak Introduces Enterprise-Class Cloud Storage

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SpiderOak, a leading cloud backup, sync, and sharing environment, today announced the release of SpiderOak Blue, a truly enterprise-specific storage solution. “Today’s companies struggle with the consumerization of their IT infrastructures,” said Ethan Oberman, CEO of SpiderOak. His company saw a distinct gap in what competing providers are offering, and how employees of companies use cloud storage services.

IT departments in a lot of big companies don’t want employees storing sensitive information in personal cloud storage accounts. Once the employee leaves, that data still remains in his or her personal account, not to mention that storing data in a unique account makes it difficult to use it for collaboration.

The new SpiderOak Blue product offering provides the kind of advanced enterprise system these companies are seeking. The solution is designed for easy, efficient deployment and administration in a fault-tolerant, fully scalable environment. Unique to SpiderOak is the company’s zero-knowledge privacy that guarantees its employees can never view customer data for any reason (even under subpoena).

SpiderOak Blue offers three products, each with unique capabilities suited for a variety of sizes and types of organizations.

SpiderOak: Blue

Designed for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), Blue allows for centralized management and access to data. The organization owns and can view all data and can reset passwords (via browser-driven ‘zero-knowledge’ encryption) and view in-depth reporting inside the web-based management console.

SpiderOak: Blue OpenLicense (OL)

Ideal for universities, schools, and similar organizations, SpiderOak Blue OL features all the benefits of SpiderOak Blue while placing data ownership into the hands of end users. Enterprise user administrators handle user statistics and manage the amount of data stored per account, but there is no method of changing or resetting user passwords – end users remain responsible for their passwords.

SpiderOak: Blue Plus

SpiderOak Blue Plus is designed for the enterprise. The Blue Virtual Appliance places all management control into an open-source virtual machine (VM) that runs on company infrastructure – enabling full control of all data flowing in and out of an organization through SpiderOak. Learn more about features here.

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  • How does Spider Oak accomplish backup in case of a disaster recovery scenario. They would need redundancy built into the IT operation, as well as alternate site processing. This is a huge task.