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Spice Girls to reform?

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According to Muchmusic.com, Dotmusic.com, and a host of other sites, former Scary Spice Melanie B recently told the British chat show “GMTV” that she’s in talks with the other members of the big 1990’s pop girl group to reunite for a one-off gig in 2006 to celebrate their 10th anniversary. (They hit it huge in the UK back in 1996, when Wannabe hit #1 on the British charts and stayed there for seven weeks.)

I think this could only be good for them, as they all need a nice publicity shot in the arm to jumpstart their atrociously sagging solo careers. Between the four of them and over the last five years (since they disbanded), there have only been a couple solo records worth mentioning as they just haven’t been able to hit it big since their days as the big band. But we all loved the pop band, not the individual members. Although I’ve always been partial to Posh.

There’s also a poll on my blog regarding this little rumor…I trust any interested folks will know how to access it…

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  • I liked the Spice Girls… too bad they were more at the front of the recent pop era, then the height. I would’ve liked listening to them on the radio than N’Sync.

  • Felicia

    I love the spice girls. I loved them for 10years, and I would love if they reunited. You will find me first row wherever they are at. THEY HAVE TO DO IF FOR THE FANS.

  • I loved the Spice Girls and me and my friends were completely devested when they spilt up, we loved going to their concerts and we havent seen them all together for years so i agree with Felicia please i dont care how long it takes but please do it for your fans so we can see girl power again