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If you have been to Bowling Green, you are probably asking yourself why my husband and I decided to go there for our first anniversary. If you have not been to Bowling Green, you are probably still asking yourself why we decided to go there to celebrate our first year of marriage. The answer is two-fold yet simple: we had never been there before, and we enjoy brand new ventures and escapades. Needless to say, our weekend of adventures in Bowling Green was the perfect first anniversary trip as we experienced a plethora of new things. My personal favorite was a trip to Spencer’s Coffee House. Located right in the heart of Downtown Bowling Green, it is a relatively small café that caters to the needs of the local college students via an endless caffeine supply and a quiet, quaint atmosphere.

Spencer’s is settled into the bottom story of a historical brick building, with a law firm situated directly above. Wrought iron chairs and tables decorate the outdoor patio, and sitting there you can see the Capitol Theatre, several quaint bars and restaurants, art and candle shops, and the “backyards” of the lucky few who live in condos above these businesses. The moment I stepped foot inside the door, there was an immediate feeling of “belonging” and “warmth.”

As we stood in line, I took a look around. Dark browns and oranges are the theme colors of this unique coffee shop, offering a welcoming atmosphere. Children with their parents were experiencing the delicious aromas of coffee and steamed milk while overwhelmed students were busy pouring over textbooks and banging the keys on their Macs and PCs; friends catching up over a latte and the creepy guy in the corner, just keeping a close eye on all (not all that different from my local Starbucks, I guess).

The menu was more extravagant than I had originally assumed, offering reubens, chicken salad, tuna melts, soups, and baked potatoes – to name a few. I ordered the californian, an enchanting sandwich on sourdough bread. Layers of fresh turkey, Swiss cheese, avocado, bean sprouts, lettuce and light Dijon literally made my day after my first bite.

Spencer’s Coffee House offers a variety of free-trade and organic coffees, which not only made my taste buds dance, but also satisfied my inner “green” self. The latte I ordered was honestly the most fantastic latte I have ever indulged in, and I would drive the four hours back there to get another one.

Merchandise in this little café is cute, unassuming, and if you blink you may miss it. One-inch diameter buttons are in a small basket on the counter where you order, displaying the letters “BG” with sayings similar to the Taco Bell sauce packets. “Somebody’s Gotta Live Here” and “People Fall in Love Here Too” decorate these small pins, alongside the brown and orange pins with the Spencer’s logo.

The girl that took our order was attentive, had a sound mind, and presented to us everything we requested. She obviously had been working there for a while, and could have quite easily been in management there. On the other side of the long counter was the girl who made our lattes. Despite the fact that our lattes were incredible, and I am still drooling over them a week later, her people skills left a lot to be desired. Either she was just having a bad day, or eye contact and smiles were not a part of her job description.

Overall, our experience at Spencer’s Coffee House was one that made an incredibly positive impression on me. I would definitely frequent Spencer’s if I lived in the area, and if I were ever to visit Bowling Green, Kentucky again, Spencer’s Coffee House will be stop number one.

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