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Special: Cyber-Attacks on Warbloggers in Progress

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This update from Winds of Change.NET reader Ken Barnes checks out… there appears to be another round of DoS cyber-attacks in progress against a number of prominent warblogs. Instapundit is down (but Instabackup is available!), as are The Command Post, LGF, Tim Blair, Pejman, Vodkapundit, Dailypundit , and others. Apparently, one of the main targets was a site called Internet Hagannah.

We have full details, plus a list of resources for dealing with DoS and DDoS cyber-attacks, over at Winds of Change.NET…

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  • jadester

    they should be getting their hosts to trace and log IPs of all potential attackers. Any hosting company worth it’s salt should be logging all network traffic anyway and so should have no trouble in tracing where the attacks are comnig from. The only problem then is identifying whether they are simply from stupid script-kiddies who for example haven’t done anything clever like dump trojans on other peoples’ machines to use in the attacks, or whether something like trojans are being used.

  • Eric Olsen

    This is terrible, fascistic, retarded, and i hope something can be done to stop it because we are all vulnerable. I’m also glad we moved.

  • mickeyk

    Hosting Matters hasn’t proven themselves capable in dealing with issues like this. They seem to be drowning in bureacracy and shoddy management. Plus their support team can be really callous.

    Who did Blogcritics move to?

  • Eric Olsen

    Bloghosts – there will be an ad/link up within the next few days.

  • My pinko site has been DoSattacked a couple of times. Total pain in the tuchas, and scary too. Also attacked, left-leaning sites including Calpundit, Talkleft, and Matthew Yglesias. It’s an outrage. Let’s hope all the sites — whatever their point of view — can put this nastiness behind them quickly and move forward in safety.

    How cool is it, though, that BC moved, and apparently just in the nick of time?

  • Talkleft leftist? Only if hypocrisy is a leftist trait, Nat.

    I will hazard a guess that whoever is going after these sites if mainly focusing on size, or so many large blogs would not have been impacted.

  • Just to complete the karma circle on this one, the reason Winds of Change.NET was able to take the lead reporting this is because we moved to Blogcritics.org about a month ago. Why? Because we were looking for an alternative to Hosting Matters, and saw the ad on… Blogcritics!

    Safety, Natalie? Won’t be any of that for a while. We have the lowdown on how and why this happened, and it was neither an accident nor a blog-size trophy hunt. Blogging just got a bit more hazardous to all us, and this won’t be the end of it by a long shot. But we CAN move forward together, and share knwledge, and work with our hosting providers to create greater safety.

    I hope you’ll join us.

  • jadester

    are you going to tell us the how, or even just the why? sounds spooky, and the last thing i need is a reason to be paranoid…