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Special Agent Nanny by Linda O. Johnson, deals with arson at a local hospital. Part of a trilogy, Special Agent Nanny tells yet another part of the group known as Colorado Confidential. These are the top secret team who fight crime with clearance of government agents. All have taken an oath to keep their mission a secret. Their hearts, however, are a different matter entirely.
When a hospital has a fire in the medical records section, a sneaking suspicion arises that a doctor may have set it in order to cover up her medical mistreatment during an outbreak of flu. Dr. Kelley Stanton’s case is not helped by the fact that she was the only person around when the fire broke out. Unless, of course, one counts her three year old daughter who was part of the daycare program.

Colorado Confidential becomes involved after they suspect that it might be one more link in a kidnapping of a politician’s granddaughter. Trying to gather the proof is trickier than it sounds, for the agents cannot afford to step on the wrong toes.
This brings Shawn Jameson into the picture. Posing as a child care worker, he has the awesome task of trying to find out what really happened. As Kelley and Shawn meet, professional and personal responsibilities collide with fiery results.

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