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Spawn of Dysfunction
Die So Fluid
Cartesian Records

Led by the stunning Grog, this three piece group produce powerful dark hard rock that kicks major arse. On this, their debut album for Cartesian, you get 10 tracks of powerful dark goth. The tracks are tight as hell and catchy as stink. This, like a slightly darker Evanescence or less orchestral Nightwish, comes across as a very professional unit. A sort of pop goth with the darkness but not the inpenetrability, there is a punky edge lurking there as well. It is obvious from these songs that this lot have shed-loads of talent and should be huge! Grog has charisma, beauty, and major league pipes. It good to see they have produced a full length CD; now let’s see if the pop world has the brains to see them for what they really are. Like Hurricane Party, DSF are a great British band just below the radar, ready to go huge with the right combination of luck, timing, and backing.


BTW: those of a curious nature can find an mp3 for the listening.

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