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Spaghetti Throwing as Political Sport

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Regarding the Beltway and the motley crew of misfits now running amok in our government: a backward glance of the last six months has revealed more happening in this country than has occurred in the last twenty years. It’s no wonder that the masses deemed to be stupid (silly, uninterested, apathetic – you fill in the blank) are numb and the few of us who do care find ourselves dizzy from all the activity.

We have to close Guantanamo, NOW. We have to pass a "stimulus" (pardon me, but I call a spade a spade and a ham-laden Congressional bill is nothing more than a prod by which the common man gets porked) package, NOW. We install a bunch of people into the bureaucratic morass, many of whom have no previous experience in their posts, NOW, give them unlimited power and name them Czars. We muddy the waters of health care with reform. We have to do that, NOW, before Congress takes a break. (I am confused. Do they mean health care? Or health insurance? There is a difference.) We raise taxes on cigarettes, NOW, and threaten to do the same on beverages laced with high fructose corn syrup. We have to save the environment, NOW, and what better way to do it than with cap and trade?

Now comes word that we are recovering from our economic depression. Is that so? Has no one visited Michigan lately? It’s so bad around here I can’t see the end of the tunnel in my lifetime, which God willing, might be another 40 years or so.

The doubletalk by pundits and politicians alike gives me a headache. Can no one ask a simple question? Can no one give a simple answer?

Certainly we cannot blame this on our President, Mr. Obama. Conspiracy theories aside, I believe he’s just an uncommon Joe with an enormous agenda. The wellspring of such policies, however, well I’m just not clear as to why they shape him as a man and a politician. He appears to have enjoyed a fairly diverse and cushy life, one that far outshines my own.

I cannot see why the man has to hold a press conference every couple of days during prime time. Such mugging for TV time overexposes the man. It’s not like a presidential speech is keeping me from Dancing with the Stars or American Idol. I spend most of my prime time watching That ‘70s Show reruns during dinner.

The last health care reform press conference ended with a question on the Professor Gates situation up in Boston. The Presidential Opinion that the police force acted “stupidly” conveniently overshadowed the rest of the question/answer session, in which nothing new on health care reform was brought to light. All of a sudden, the big hoo-haw was on the Presidential Opinion about race relations.

As I’m watching the coverage on this, I’m nearly apoplectic yelling at the reporters. Then it came to me: why all the “news” every few days? Why the slamming of one carelessly packaged bill right after another, why  is there a different rallying cry right after the last?

This is spaghetti flinging at its finest, folks. It's Olympic quality spaghetti tossing, one for which everyone in DC should get a gold medal.

The politicians of this country are throwing spaghetti on the ceiling with mad abandon. Whatever sticks, great; what doesn’t becomes crunchy pasta on the floor. The mad dash to pass bills into law without reading them, to bail out banks and businesses without an exit strategy, to point out this extramarital affair or that withdrawal from office puts spin on the situation and takes the onus from the real issues, such as our dwindling freedoms and massive, largely unmanageable debt.

The common man on Main Street might want to consider this when listening to politicians. I know I do.

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  • Joanne,

    How impolite of you! You’ve had the nerve to return the political conversation to the debt and dwindling freedom in your society. Talking about money you can never pay back is such a drag – and who wants to be reminded that they were once free and are now not so free?

    You should sell mortgages or life insurance, you spreader of joy!

  • You need to stop using all caps for emphasis now. I kept waiting for you to start gushing about Twilight.