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Spaceballs and Ice Pirates Were Prophetic

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The movie, Ice Pirates, while seemingly a stupid but funny comedy, is in fact a prophetic masterpiece. Gradually, greedy entrepreneurs and corporations are stealing away the water of the world. Some are fighting back–see Activists Launch Global Offensive Against Water-Guzzling Multinational Companies. In the article, Vandana Shiva (Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology) says that Coca Cola and Suez Degremont “are the prime exploiters of global water resources. Suez leads in privatization of water in most countries and Coca Cola leads in having conflicts with local people over groundwater mining.” Also quoted is the Polaris Institute’s Tony Clarke:

    The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are giving a big push to privatization of water. But the money with the World Bank is public money, so it should be used for public work. People are not aware of this. We want to pressure the Bank into supporting public water utilities and respecting the human right to water.

We can fight this by protesting, or by commiting to a life of ice piracy.

The privatization of water will also help realize Frank Herbert’s vision in his story, Dune. The characters live in a world where water is the rarest of resources. They wear Stillsuits, described by Herbert in the following:

    It’s basically a micro-sandwich – a high-efficiency filter and heat-exchange system. The skin contact layer’s porous. Perspiration passes through it, having cooled the body… near-normal evaporation process. The next two layers include heat-exchange filaments and salt precipitators. Salt’s reclaimed.

    Motions of the body, especially breathing, and some osmotic actions provide the pumping force. Reclaimed water circulates to catchpockets from which you draw it through this tube in the clip at your back.

    Urine and feces are processed in the thigh-pads. In the open desert, you wear this filter across your face, this tube in the nostrils with these plugs to insure a tight fit. Breathe in through the mouth filter, out through the nose tube. With a Fremen suit in good working order, you won’t lose more than a thimblefull of moisture a day – even if you’re caught in the Great Erg…

    Properly suited, your forehead cap tight, all seals in order, your major water loss is through the palms of your hands.

That doesn’t sound too nice. Let’s just stop those bastards from stealing our water–before it’s too late.

The comic, but again stupid, masterpiece Spaceballs is also a prophecy being realized. There is a conspiracy out there to contaminate our air: Internal Utility Industry Documents Reveal Conspiracy to Violate Clean Air Laws and Harm Public Health:

    Internal electric utility documents reveal the industry has known for more than a decade that massive air pollution increases from coal-fired power plants violate the Clean Air Act. According to a recent Justice Department brief, the documents contradict oft-repeated complaints by industry officials that they had no idea they had run afoul of the Environmental Protection Agency’s interpretation of the law until the agency filed the first of several high-profile enforcement lawsuits in 1999. . . .

    “Not since the tobacco industry’s deceptions have we seen such a brazen corporate conspiracy to hide an intentional assault on public health,” said John Walke, director of the clean air program at NRDC (the Natural Resources Defense Council). “This is smoking-gun evidence that the utility industry has been lying to the American people, its shareholders and the government for years.”

Can’t you see Bush, like the evil ruler portrayed by Mel Brooks, opening up some canned air while the masses suffocate? Contrast this with the scene from Total Recall in which the evil corporate owner of a Mars space station cuts off air from a segment of the station to punish the people living there (Maybe Philip K. Dick was a seer). Those Stillsuits aren’t going to help much if we can’t breathe. The poor will either suffocate or rise up to stop the capitalistic air-thieving bastards. Give us free. Give us breathe. Give us drink (this last one also serves as a great beer-drinking chant, but that’s another story).

We should have another Boston Tea Party. Let’s dump Coca Cola and Suez Degremont products. Let’s kick ass on the Utility Air Regulatory Group and Duke Energy (“It was the Dukes,” Trading Places was prophetic as well). Can you dig It? Can you dig it?!?

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