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South Park “Cartoon Wars” Episode On iTunes

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The second part of South Park‘s “Cartoon Wars” two-part episode has made its way to iTunes’ download store. Selling for $1.99, the installment made a lot of waves during Easter week when creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker took a major jab at Comedy Central and its inconsistent stance on censorship.

The lampoon-loving pair had initially wanted to include a scene with the Muslim prophet Mohammed depicted, but the network gave it a thumbs down. Parker and Stone complied with the request to cut the scene, but in their own way. They instead ran a title card that said “Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Mohammed on their network.”

Pointing out the hypocrisy supported by major media and entertainment outlets like Comedy Central, the episode ended up showing images of Jesus defecating on the American flag and President Bush. These, of course, were allowed by the network, during the Christian Holy Week no less.

What began as an effort to lampoon the uproar that followed a Danish newspaper’s publishing of political cartoons depicting Mohammed, turned into a serious illustration of the what’s okay for some isn’t okay for others mentality that has prevailed in recent history.

It’s true the Muslim religion bans depictions of Mohammed, but it’s also true depictions of Christ in such a manner would be considered blasphemous by Christians.

The episode, in the end, wound up offending Christians, dyed-in-the-wool Americans and most likely Muslims anyway since its intent was still made pretty darn clear. So, I suppose, Stone and Parker managed, even in the face of censorship, to maintain their equal opportunity lampooning stance.

The episode’s rated the number two download on iTunes right now, falling one slot behind the “S.O.S.” episode of Lost.

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