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soundtrack – Fantastic Four

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Soundtrack – Fantastic Four

3.5 / 5
Wind-Up Records
released July 5, 2005

The movie was really lousy, but the soundtrack compilation album (not to be confused with the John Ottman score soundtrack) is suprisingly strong. You also get a whopping twenty tracks which clock in at 73 minutes of music.

The swaggering vocals of Scott Weiland propels Velvet Revolver‘s frantic “Come On, Come In” the lead track. This is muscular, strutting, cocksure rock’n’roll and it’s instantly appealing. And this comes from someone who generally doesn’t like VR.

Omnisoul‘s “Waiting (Save Your Life)” and Ryan Cabarea‘s “Always Come Back To You” sound like they are from an O.C. soundtrack – safe, semi-ballad corporate rock. Bland enough to have a wide appeal.

“Everything Burns” by Ben Moody featuring Anastacia and Meagan McCauley‘s “Die For You”, sounds like this year’s stabs at instant Evanescence soundtrack success, calculated to duplicate the breakthrough single from the Daredevil soundtrack. Not quite. Sure enough, Ben Moody is the guitarist / songwriter who left Evanescence after they made the big time.

Alter Bridge‘s “Shed My Skin” sounds familiar, with his slow cooking, heavy guitar modern rock sound. Sure enough, these guys are essentially the new band Creed became with new vocalist Myles Kennedy. Kennedy sounds like a deriveative rock vocalist, rather than someone who has an identifiable sound. Still, it’s got the huge sound of Creed, Pearl Jam, etc., that launched these bands into super-stardom.

Alter Bridge

Japan’s hot 6-man band Orange Range offer a mishmash of hip-hop and electronica with razor sharp and crunchy guitars. It’s the most adventurous and risk taking song here. Actually, I wouldn’t call it a song as much as just a musical collage. I can see some people finding this track a dog’s breakfast. While I enjoyed it, it’s not something that totally hits the spot for me. These guys should be wild live.

Orange Range from Okinawa, Japan

Some Highlights:
Taking Back Sunday‘s “Error Operator”
“New World Symphony” by Mari Ven Ari- featuring Pharaoahe Monch (hip-hop)
Sum 41‘s “Noots (very catchy)
Simple Plan “Surrender” (yes, the Cheap Trick cover. Not as sweet as the original, however)
“On Fire” by Lloyd Banks (hip-hop)
“Goodbye To You” by Breaking Point(power ballad that will stick in your head, if you like this sort of song)
Loser‘s “Dispossible Sunshine” (instantly appealing, butt kicking rock, worthy of the repeat button and a radio hit in waiting, if they every play it…features former Marilyn Manson guitarist/writer John 5)

Former Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5

Megan McCauley is featured on two tracks and emerges as a strong but not unique sounding, singer.

Megan McCauley

There is a sense of sameness among the rock bands, however. So many bands sound like they are part of the Pear Jam lineage and while that may be seen as a sign of quality, it is a weakness in my books. If you like modern corporate rock, however, this CD will be right up your alley.

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  • Invisible Girl

    Gosh these people! the movie WASENT lousy! to the album, my fave singer was Megan McCauley. She was great. Omnisoul is good to.