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Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger

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Nevermind the cliche titles or pigeonhold descriptions of this band or any other from the Northwest – to me this CD defined my senior year in high school. It was a time of mountain biking with my chain smoking friends and playing in jam bands.

What keeps this CD alive for me is the many tastes. There’s tempo changes, vocal melodies by Chris Cornell that I remember over 10 years later. Matt Cameron is just as solid a drummer as you could want. I mean, from straight rock to laid back grooves this album still gives me the shivers. So many diverse song structures, tones, and hooks.

My fave among the whole bunch is Slaves and Bulldozers (I remember this title almost 10 years later?) A slow and prodding machine with melodic phrasing that fits just right. The break down 4:55 mark, with that grumbling bass line, still conjures up memories of climbing hills on my mountain bike, just 18 years old and beating my friends to the top. Ahhh… memories.


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  • I saw them opening for someone (I can’t remember who… I wanted to say it was Metallica, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t) on this tour and I couldn’t get over the fact that their stage presence was extremely Metallica-wanna-be. They singer/guitarist had the same hunched-over growl, the guitarist and bassist both acted exactly like Metallica and they played the same loud power-chording live style as Metallica.

  • The Theory

    somehow mountain biking and chain smoking don’t seem to mix well… ya know what i’m sayin’?