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It’s odd how last weeks’ episode of The Sopranos mirrored the whole Iraq torture mess and was rather prescient (actually not that hard since any military operation which is driven only by ideology and corporate desires will turn out to be a mess).

In the episode “Unidentifed Black Males“, Meadow’s boyfriend Finn gets a job through Tony working contruction. He is an outsider, but because he is Meadow’s boyfriend, is brought into the circle of the mobsters who use the site to collect paycheques. But he gets to see firsthand the casual brutality of these fellas. And then later in the ep, sees something he didn’t want or need to see, and could suck him (so to speak) further into the underworld. All he really wants to do is become a dentist, but he really needs this job, and his choices are becoming circumscribed by bad or worse. Not to mention being tortured by Meadow.

Meanwhile almost all of the other characters are trying to rationalize their lies. Tony, who missed accompanying his cousin Tony B to prison, because, he says he was attacked by some black guys, admits to Dr. Melfi, he had and arguement with his mother, fainted and split his head open, then lies to Johnnie Sack about Tony B not being responsible for the murder of Joe Peeps, while Tony B lies to Tony S about how his foot got broken. And then Carmelia lies about her affairs, real and imagined.

But of course all the lies catch up with you. It gets worse.

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  • Eric Olsen

    This episode wasn’t fun but it demonstrated the power of the series to really make you feel what it would be like to live under some of these curcumstances. I really could identify with the box Finn felt himself to be in.