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Sony’s Welcome Back Program: Which Games Should you Choose?

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Sony’s PlayStation Network is finally fully up and running following its extended shutdown. As a part of its return, Sony has launched its “Welcome Back” program allowing PSN users to download several free titles.

The Welcome Back Program Offers:

  1. Two free games from a list of five (two retail games and three PSN Titles)
  2. A month of free PS Plus Subscription or 60 days of free subscription for the active subscribers.
  3. two free PSP games from a list of five
  4. Free items on PS Home

That isn’t much if you ask me considering the fact that loads of PSN members lost their personal information including their credit card numbers to the hackers.

But we should make the most of what we have and so I’m writing this article to give my opinion on what 2 games you should choose to make the most of the Welcome Back program. 

The five PS3 games offered are:

  • InFamous
  • Little Big Planet
  • Dead Nation
  • SuperStardust HD
  • WipEout HD Bundle

InFamous: It is a really good game. A third person shooter where you take control of Cole, a guy with electric powers. It has a good story and loads of collectibles. I don’t see a lot of replay value in this though. You can go through the game twice, once taking the “evil” path and then the “hero” path. After that, you’re done.

Little Big Planet: This is an amazing platformer with a lot of replay value. You can finish the story mode then create your own levels with the level editor or play the different levels made from people around the world.

Dead Nation: A good game but it gets repetitive very fast. You can play online or co-op with your friends and blast your way though zombies.

Super Stardust HD:  This game is just epic. You can play with your friends locally or online. You move on the surface of various planets blasting asteroids for points with 360-degree shooting. It is really satisfying to play.

WipEout HD Bundle: This is Wipeout HD and the WipEout Fury Expansion Pack. It is a really good racer with amazing visuals. You get power-ups which keep the action going. If you’re a fan of racing games, this won’t let you down.

So what is the best combination to get? I say that it’s Super Stardust HD and InFamous. You’re getting the best of both worlds. One game which offers a ton of replay value and amazing visuals and the other with a really nice story and gameplay.

Moving onto the PSP Titles available for offer:

  • Killzone Liberation 
  • LittleBig Planet
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force

Killzone Liberation: This is shooter with a top-down isometric view. Set after the events of the first Killzone, this game puts you in the shoes of Jan Templar as you defeat the “Helghast” resistance. You can even play multiplayer via ad-hoc.

Little Big Planet: This game proves that big things come in small packages. It is the portable version of the PS3 game with close to no setbacks in the graphics or gameplay which is a really good achievement considering the difference in their hardware. It is a really good platformer with a lot of replay value in the palm of your hands.

ModNation Racers: Another amazing port from the PS3. ModNation Racers is a really good kart racer with power-ups and an amazing creation station that allows you to create your character, your kart, tracks and share them with the world.

Pursuit Force: You play the role of a police agent who joins a law enforcement agency called “Pursuit Force.” The gameplay is really fast and you’ll be on the edge of your seat as you engage in gun battles while jumping from car to car moving at extreme speeds.

You can’t actually go wrong with any of these games, they’re all very good. I would, however, say that the best combination is Killzone Liberation and Little Big Planet. I am a fan of Killzone, it is one of the best games available for the PSP till date and Little Big Planet as mentioned above is really, really good. But, if LBP just isn’t your thing you can take ModNation Racers instead of that.

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