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Sony’s Environmentally Friendly Battery and The Daily Music and Tech News Update

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Sony develops bio battery

Sony has developed an environmentally friendly battery. The battery is in prototype form and runs on sugar. The test cells put out about 50 milliwatts, according to Sony. The battery is cased in a vegetable based plastic and works by adding a sugar solution to the unit which is then broken down by enzymes. The batteries are 1.5 inches on each side. Sony says that they intend to produce the batteries for commercial use, although they have not given a time line.

Apple signs deals in Europe for iPhone

Apple has signed deals in Europe with mobile phone operators to offer the iPhone. The deals were made in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The deals are said to be with France's Orange SA, Germany's T-Mobile Deustchland GmbH, and Britain's O2. The deals are also reported to be exclusive. The deals will be announced officially next week at the IFA international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin.

The Faint finish studio, start recording

The Faint have announced they have finished their recording studio, Enamel, and have begun recording their next album. The album will be a follow up to their 2004 release Wet from Birth, which was released by Saddle Creek. In is no word yet on what the title of the upcoming album will be nor when it will be released.

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