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Sony’s E3 Lineup Is Great For EQII Fans

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Next Generation has a preview of Sony Online Entertainment’s E3 lineup. And, as a fan of EverQuest II, I’d have to say it’s looking good.

SOE has some other major releases in the works, too, but the EQII news really caught my attention. And, the lack of anything big for EQI is also notable. Whether this is an oversight and an announcement will be forthcoming next week or not remains unclear.

EQII players, however, shouldn’t be disappointed. That title will soon have a new adventure pack and a full expansion. Combined the two will enable more tailoring of the AA system, give players even more zones to explore and even add a new player class, the Fae.

All of this is good news for those who have already pushed the limits of EQII’s latest expansion, Kingdom of Sky, or have come close. Within days of that title’s release, tons of players had already attained the new level cap of 70 and were busily exploring the new zones and raid content along with working the AA system to its potential.

The Adventure Pack, The Fallen Dynasty, will cater to higher-level players with Asian-themed adventure zones, new weapons, trade skill rewards and more. This one is being designed for players level 55 and up.

The next full-fledged expansion, Echoes of Faydwer, will add 20 new zones, 40 new creatures, some 350 quests and the Fae. The guild level cap will be raised to 60 with this expansion and the AA system will add subclasses.

Although rumors have begun to spread about the possible raising of the level cap from 70 to some mythical higher number, it’s not looking like this expansion will be the one to do it.

Frankly, that’s almost a shame, too. I love EQII and play it probably a bit too much, but overall the title is perhaps a little on the easy side as far as progress is concerned. The quests, visuals and the players themselves keep me coming back. And, in all honesty, thanks to the new content that’s regularly added, it is hard to run out of things to do even if the level cap’s been hit.

But, it would be nice to see another 10 levels or so added with a twist, bringing back the old “hell levels” from EQI where it would take players weeks (sometimes even months) to progress through a single level. A move along those lines might make the players who appreciate being spoon fed a bit upset, but it could keep the die-hards from flocking to titles like Oblivion for a change of pace.

For its other big announcements, Sony is working on a new Untold Legends title, Dark Kingdom. It looks like this one will be for the PS3. Field Commander, a turned-based strategy title, is coming to the PSP and the MMORPG Gods and Heroes will also be unveiled in more detail.

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