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Sony PS3 Launch Titles Weak?

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Bloomberg is reporting that Sony’s PlayStation 3 is likely to make its November launch with less-than-thrilling titles since the company hasn’t given game developers enough information to actually create decent titles.

THQ Inc. decided it didn’t have enough information to make a version of “The Sopranos” for PS 3, according to Chief Executive Officer Brian Farrell. Other developers will release a first batch of games that don’t use all the power of Sony’s new Cell processor, Sega of America President Simon Jeffrey said.

“A lot of developers have not gotten the kits,” Jeffrey said in an interview last week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. “There certainly will not be a lot of titles available.”

Since the specs haven’t been given out, game makers simply cannot create titles to take full advantage of the system’s power. Bloomberg is also predicting light game sales during the holidays because of this.

The PlayStation 3 is set to launch on Nov. 17 and with decent titles or not, if it’s on the shelves, its launch will be a step ahead of the Xbox 360’s, which still faces some shortage issues, crash problems and compatibility flubs.

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  • Spencer

    How is that weak when there is not title yet for launch that has been said grow up.

  • KLady

    Weak as in not taking advantage of all the console has to offer. Guess the SEGA exec needs to grow up?

  • Coach

    Fans blow air. If Sony is not giving the developers time to write code then the games will be WEAK

  • justin garza

    fuck all who dought the ps3 and it game fuck xbox 360 and the wii wii