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Sony Minisode Network, Where Classic Television Junkies Can Gorge Without Guilt

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Is there a way to compress the already frenetic Jeopardy television game show into something just under six minutes and retain its most important elements? Yes, and the increasingly popular Minisode Network – the network that streamlines entire episodes down to five minutes of straight-to-the-plot video – was bound to figure out how.

Some would say that the broadcast version of Jeopardy would benefit from giving Alex Trebek less time to make clumsy jokes, often playing off awkward contestants. Now, those who thrill from the answer and question portion of the show, and who twitch uncontrollaby while time stands still during Final Jeopardy, can stop being ashamed of their impatience and go straight for the candy.

I watched an entire Jeopardy College Championship final (two episodes) while eating lunch and still kept to my normal, self-imposed, twenty-minute break.

Jeopardy is just one show on the vast Minisode Network menu, pulling from Sony Television's immense media library of memorable meat and potatoes shows such as He-Man, Married with Children, Charlie's Angels, Square Pegs, and so many more. The network distributes its condensed streaming programs through the sites you are probably already used to browsing: YouTube, Crackle.com, Hulu, and Joost, to name a few.

The only drawback is that it takes some commitment on the part of the would-be Minisode Network junkie to find the programming they want. From the network's home page, I had to jump to one of the other portals mentioned above where I was often forced to search for something to watch. Of the portals available, Crackle and Hulu offered the best organized format for me to easily browse shows and episodes. I would have tried out the mobile minisode content available to Sprint and Verizon subscribers, but my phone wasn't capable. Having quick content available on my phone would certainly improve the quality of time sitting in the dentist's waiting room, though, so an upgrade might be worthwhile.

There is certain to be something on the Minisode Network for everyone, so take a few moments to check out the content for a quick fix of television gold that won't interfere with any other plans.

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