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Sonic’s Newest Title Isn’t Such a Secret

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Sonic is ditching his other animal pals in his first solo adventure since 1991 as he brings what made him popular to the Nintendo Wii – speed.

While thumbing through the classic book Arabian Nights, Sonic is visited by the story’s genie, who describes a dilemma that has effected his world. The last several pages in the book have gone blank and Sonic agrees to enter the book through the genie’s power to set the story straight.

Developed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, Sonic and the Secret Rings makes custom use of the Wii Remote to actively perform specialized moves. Players will tilt the controller left to right to avoid obstacles as Sonic is kept in constant motion. New moves have also been added to utilize the controller’s features such as boost and catapult moves.

Moving the controller forward destroys enemies inspired by the Arabian Nights tale as he navigates environments also based on the book. The environments will boast water reflections, light bloom and realistic physics while players race through levels featuring multiple paths.

Four players will be able to get into the action outside of the main story mode, with more than 30 party games.

Sonic and the Secret Rings will speed onto the Nintendo Wii Feb. 20.

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