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Songwriting redux…

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A few weeks ago I wrote how easy some lyrics came to me when listening to some original music being playing by a fellow bandmember. Well, the charm seems to be continuing, as I have been pumping out lyrics to beat the band. So far I have written 4 complete songs, with bits and bobs for another couple more; this is since last Sunday. My bandmates are pumping out music to match my lyrics as well. So far we have written 2 complete songs (with music) and are close to a third.

This last Saturday was particularily productive as John’s late night fiddling around produced some music that lyrics I wrote over the afternoon on Sat perfectly fit. Not only that but we premiered the song to a bunch of female admirers later than evening in the pub right before a gig by Sweetleaf in Winbledon. It was rather interesting to watch and listen to my lyrics being sung almost as soon as they were done.

The gig went well, with John doing his mouth harp thing with the band for a few numbers. Those of us in our band got to hear our name announced from the stage for the first time ever, which is a bit of thrill. We sat in the corner of the pub, sort of a unofficial musicians’ corner, with the requisite coterie of young women. There are pictures available of this event, which I am sure will come to be part of this post.

Of course, what night would have not been complete with out retiring to another musician’s flat for some additional inspiration of various kinds. Well, that, and at least one unwelcome male advance to me. Once back at John’s flat, our guitarist passed out in the middle of a game of Halo. I read the lyrics I wrote in a dark passageway after the over-friendly attention. Amazingly enough, I could read about 3/4 of them right away and figure out the rest.

The next morning I was awakened by our guitarist, Brian, playing the music to my new song back to me.

Overall it was a rather typical night of the rock & roll lifestyle.

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