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Songs That Touch My Soul – Five

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We all have them, songs that seem to touch a secret place in your soul – sometimes secret even from you. They can grow and occasionally fester like an open wound, or they can fill you up, inspire you, and occasionally even heal you. Sometimes they don't even reflect your musical tastes. They can be shameful secrets that you keep from family and friends. You feel like a drug addict craving your next fix. At times like those, you thank the powers that be for MP3 players – the syringe of those suffering with this affliction.

This is the fifth installment of songs that touch my soul. And as always this edition is full of passion, desire, and lust. This is a form of therapy, this sharing of my neuroses, my secret inner lunacy, the big ball of crazy that is me. Welcome to my musical schizophrenia.

“Shiver” – Maroon 5

Maroon 5’s debut album Songs About Jane is hot, from beginning to end. It drips with carnal desire, emotional longing, and romance. What more do you want from an LP? “Shiver” is easily the hottest track from this very steamy album. With lyrics like “You chew me up /And spit me out /Enjoy the taste I leave in your mouth” and “I shiver when I hear your name/ Think about you but it’s not the same /I won’t be satisfied till I’m under your skin,” it’s bound to be hot.

There is something about Adam Levine’s vocals that does it for me. Far from being the ideal of throaty or sensual, Levine’s vocals are saturated with desire and carnality, driven, – by lust I always imagine – intensely passionate, and regret-filled making them uniquely sexy. An irresistible combination to me, as Maroon 5’s album Songs About Jane always leaves me wet, naked, and quivering – metaphorically speaking of course – and “Shiver” is the primary aphrodisiac.

“Open Your Eyes” – Snow Patrol

I love the album Eyes Open, Snow Patrol’s fourth release. “Open Your Eyes” touches me for the caring protective love it expresses in its lyrics. “Get up, get out, get away from these liars /'Cause they don't get your soul or your fire /Take my hand, knot your fingers through mine /And we'll walk from this dark room for the last time”. This touchingly beautiful sentiment is courtesy of frontman Gary Lightbody, a man who can write a regret-filled, heartbroken, melancholy love song to rival all others. And this one works for me.

“Smiling” – Big Strides

If you haven’t heard of Big Strides you should have. This British trio have one of the best original sounds around. And “Smiling” is the perfect introduction to Big Strides’ particular brand of stripped-down funk, jam-band style sound. Their lyrics are always cool with a twist of humour and “Smiling” is the same “I couldn’t believe she was smiling at me. I couldn’t have smiled if I wanted to.”

Coming from a frontman as groovy, cool, and self assured as Marcus O’Neill these lyrics make me smile. Their funky, jazzy, alt.rock sound is so cool and I just can’t get enough. This is one track you must hear to understand. You’re probably better just buying the whole album.

“There Is None” – The Working Title

I love The Working Title, that is no secret — people this talented deserve my love. And I love About Face, their debut album, it's one of those can't-put-it-away-albums.  I have tried, many times, but it never lasts more than a week.

The Working Title blend guitar melodies and piano hooks with the husky, sensual, hands-down-my-panties vocals and soul-stirring, passionately emotive lyrics of frontman Joel Hamilton. Hamilton's raw, earthy voice finds your inner erotic being and holds you in its ardent, intense embrace, with the help of his powerful lyrics, for the entire album. In “There Is None” Hamilton’s voice takes on a wounded, plaintive quality mixed with eroticism that strips you of all your natural defence. Then he bombards you with the broken-hearted “I want to write a song about our love/ But there is none”. Makes your heart melt and your loins heat up all in one neat little song.

“Fingers” – Pink

Another track from I’m Not Dead about masturbating but it’s a non-US bonus track only. What can you expect from a country where a large portion of the population considers sex a four letter word – not my readers obviously. “Fingers” is not just about wanking – one of my hobbies you’ll notice – it’s about videotaping yourself wanking.

Ladies you know the scenario; he has finished, rolled off, and fallen asleep. What’s a girl to do but finish herself off? How about when he just rolls over and fall asleep and you’re feeling playful? You only have yourself to play with, what else are you to do? And if you record it so you can torture him with what he missed, all the better. And Pink understands too, “When it’s late at night and you’re fast asleep/ I let my fingers do the walking /I press record I become a fiend /And no one else is watching /I let my fingers do the walking”. The full on electro-dance feel of “Fingers” helps to set it apart from the rest of the album's guitar rock sound. It is perfectly arranged to be hot, horny, and a ton of fun – just like wanking.

“Darling Nikki” – Foo Fighters (Prince cover)

Prince did it first, the Foo Fighters did it right. You’ve all heard this track no doubt. In the Foo Fighters’ version gone are the '80s style synth, electric drum, and whiny grunt noises replaced with Dave Grohl’s far more substantial vocals, tons of rockin’ guitar and other alt.rock flourishes. Prince on steroids, massive, pissed off, and horny. But Prince always did do lyrics like no one else and “Darling Nikki” is a shining example. It says what we all want to be true — intense physical gratification is just a naked lap-dance away. This track makes me want to sit naked on my lover, wet and panting, grinding until he screams with pleasure.

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  • *laugh* No it’s the Foo Fighters version you want. Much more horny than Princes twee synth original.