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It will take more than mere mortal death to stop John Lennon from putting out new songs: Yoko’s teasing us with some unreleased original John Lennon songs.

Yoko Ono, the widow of the former Beatle John Lennon , is considering making public previously unreleased music by her late husband.

“I have to wait for the right moment,” Ono, 70, told Germany’s “Stern” magazine in its special Wednesday edition…

Ono, the jealous guardian of his legacy, said the taped material should not be released in its current condition.

“He was a songwriter and he wanted the songs to be presented correctly. I have to think about it,” she said.

On the one hand, obviously I want to hear new Lennon songs, but you have to wonder what kind of scraps are left nearly a quarter century after his passing. She’s already squeezed at least a couple of albums worth out, plus the marginally passable new Beatle singles for the anthology series.

Perhaps she’s got some audio of John taking a dump that we haven’t heard yet.

On the other hand, it’ll probably still be better than Two Virgins or the Wedding Album, or some of the posthumous foolishness put out for sale in his name.

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  • While he did make good music, he paled in my estimation to Paul, who in his own songs would stand back and let the characters interact. John, though, was always central in his lyrics, John against the world. The egoism of both John and Yoko comes through in the video, “The Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus,” which I recently saw for the first time. Yoko’s extended vocal is some of the worst wailing ever committed to film, and I can imagine John saying to Mick, “If she’s not on, then I’m gone!” Instead of dusting off old recordings, she should cut a deal with Julian, who shares his father’s unique, mousey voice, to record those songs fresh.