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Wednesday saw another get-together of several members of the band for a few jars, a bit of nosh, and some musical creativity. (I was planning to write about this yesterday but didn’t feel motivated after the events in Madrid.) After a tardy John, due to some more virus fighting exploits, and tales of Tom’s forthcoming root canal surgery/current pain, we managed to do quite a bit of brainstorming. (in pc-speak “thought showers”) In John’s tiny home studio we fit the three of us and a powerbook. The powerbook allows real time electronic editing of the lyrics.

We have found it useful to go through the songs and sing/play them one time to see if anything is forthcoming. Wednesday night saw several interesting changes to songs, plus the declaration, from Tom and John, that Soft Side has chart potential. It’s real lighter-in-the-air stuff, and Tom managed to learn the chorus after I sang it the first time. (I believe it’s what reviewers call “catchy as stink.”) John, Tom, and I did a bit more tweaking of our sub-AC/DC stomper, as well as a track dedicated to a certain blogger with dark music tastes, and a track called Wanna Be.

While we haven’t done any recording for several sessions, we are doing an excellent job tweaking the lyrics and music to the album-worth level of music. Tom and I are discovering that we can actually come up with music as well, much to the relief of our long-suffering musical polymath, John.

A few new suggestions for the name of the band. Keep them coming, not the least because many of you have wicked senses of humour.

Update: On Saturday, the trio of us got together to continue work on the songs for the album. After a good dinner at John’s local, the Leather Bottle, we managed to finish the music for one of our darker tracks. It came together in a rather fast and furious manner. I should be able to hear the results (at least the non-vocal mix) this evening.

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