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Some Variations Upon the ICC and the Bemba Trial

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This article is written in response to another article here at Blogcritics by Dean Stephens first published on Jan. 17, 2011, entitled “The ICC Must Double Down on the Bemba Trial.” The reason for this and my purpose herein is to expand upon a rather important issue Mr. Stephens has raised and one I maintain which has been much too often neglected or simply overlooked by the American and also the world press as well.

Moreover, I will allow you, dear readers, to determine for yourselves whether I am reasonably justified in this decision of mine; or as in the words of one of the editors here at Blogcritics, whether I am guilty of intellectual and philosophic “showofffery” and in my own words, of “showboating.”

First off, as evidenced by the trial of Jean-Pierre Bemba, I must sadly say that Africa is awash in the residue of its own history—and it is not at all a pretty picture. Rather it unfortunately and sadly is an ugly and sordid tableau of genocide and rivers of blood, political repression and malevolent dictators, and of a dismal record of backwards and primitive economic development which produces, by far, more bone-crushing, deadly poverty than it does life-saving and beneficial prosperity. And yet ironically this occurs in one of the richest continents in natural resources on the face of this planet of ours.

I must ask why? Why is Africa such an economic basket case; and why is it the victim of so many bloodthirsty, brutal and murderous dictators and governments; and why does no one seem to give a damn?

First off, in anticipation of the de rigueur typical, commie-lib/simp, pinko-lefty, commie Marxist usual suspects, both white and black, both here and also in Western Europe: It is just too damn convenient to say that it is totally and completely the fault of a long litany of historical sins—solely and precisely because of slavery and imperialism and colonialism and of course, because of white racism ad nauseam. In a word, it’s jut too damn easy to blame it all on “whitey.”

However I must regrettably admit and concede that there is a sliver, mind you, a rather thin and tenuous reed of a sliver of truth in this regard. But I maintain this typical and usual, politically correct, commie-lib/simp, pinko-lefty, commie Marxist, intellectual masturbation and refried-shit-for-brains belies the actual history of Africa. One in which slavery was a norm for literally millennia long before one single white set one single foot onto sub-Saharan Africa.

In fact, black Africans themselves, in addition to olive-complected and white North African and semitic Middle-Eastern Arabs and Muslims were all involved in the slave trade from its very inception till its very end.

I offer this analogy: the blacks of sub-Saharan Africa, the North African Muslims, and the Middle-Eastern Arabs were all essentially the “crack dealers” and “pushers” of the slave trade—to their client and customer base of White European traders and American buyers, the ultimate addicts so to speak of this nefarious and evil three-tiered, three-legged triangle.

No, it is not Africa’s long history of slavery and of victimization and exploitation through white imperialism and colonialism which so brutally ails the continent today. Rather it is its own devices and leadership which so brutalizes her. And I maintain that this anti-colonialist, Marxist leadership is solely and directly responsible for the current spate of genocide, political repression, and massive human rights abuses and violations, and the utter, complete and total dismal, abject record of economic failure in Africa.

Again, ironically this current bevy of Marxist monsters was long ago spawned and created, nurtured, educated, and indoctrinated in these hare-brained ideas and schemes of theirs of failed political and economic governance in the best colleges and universities of Western Europe, at Oxford and Cambridge, and at La Sorbonne, et al.

But what if Africa had, instead of embracing anti-American, anti-European, anti-colonialist Marxist ideology and actual governance, had embraced liberal, democratic, enlightened capitalism, what then? Well for starters, it, like Far Eastern Asia (ironically and incredibly including communist China too) would be in some form or another and at some stage of intense and significant economic development and all for the “good.” In a word, Africa would be on the high road to prosperity, human progress, and civilization. If not fully so, at least on a steady path to that noble and humanly compassionate end and goal.

Now to return to the trial of Bemba and the role of the ICC (the International Criminal Court) in this matter: First, the ICC is a rather banal and vacuous manifestation of “white, liberal guilt” of both American and Western European liberals, commie-lib/simps, ett-sett-ah-rah, ett-sett-ah-rah, ad nauseam (or EEAN). And as such, the ICC is regrettably a cruel joke and an utter travesty.

But please be forewarned for I myself lament what I now feel compelled to say: it has been my conclusion and observation from my lifelong study of human history and of human nature and of human events; and also from my actual experience in my youth as a combat-wounded, combat hardened participant in an actual real, live war; that the only war criminal is he who loses the war.

Intellectually and philosophically I thoroughly loathe this rather cynical and nihilistic, somewhat moral-relativist but entirely brutal common sense view of the world. Nevertheless, I truly believe we must as Lincoln so eloquently exhorted us pay heed and homage to “our better angels.” Well, for me, that means we must take vengeance and “fry” this heinous, genocidal murderer.

As you can clearly see, I ain’t no Lincoln. But I say even an angel could not forgive this man his crimes against humanity nor look the other way when it comes to exacting justice. So again, I say “fry baby, fry.”

But the travesty of it all is that Bemba will most probably languish in court for years to come, and if adjudicated as guilty as charged, will most likely face a punishment vastly inappropriate and unsuited to the vast and heinous scope and horror of his crimes. And that in my book is a cruel joke and travesty of justice, the denial of which is also a denial of human decency for his victims!

And oh yes, as for Patassé, he should be next and perhaps be held to even higher standards of moral outrage and actual complicity for these crimes than Bemba.

And lastly I am certain, as day follows night, that I will be attacked and smeared as a “racist” hater by both the black and white liberal, personal ad hominem attack, smear and innuendo hate-machines. And I say, I say smear away!

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  • Dear comrade EEAN Kurtz,

    Thanks for your kind comments and again you contribute many”points well taken.”

    I agree, we have no say at ICC and I say thank God, the whole thing should be abolished. But somehow I have a sneaking suspicion that the usual commie-lib/simp, pinko-lefty, EEAN, suspects might be somehow funding this worthless organization in some sleazy, devious and underhanded manner – but then again I am certifiably paranoid, etc..

    What I meant to say or rather my meaning was both metaphoric and generic – genocidalists deserve extreme, capital punishment whether it’s in the former Yugoslavia or in Cambodia or the Sudan or China or Rwanda ad infinitum. As you can see, when it comes to the crime against humanity of genocide, I am definitively a hardcore, old Corps, hardliner! Or as we were so very fond and wont of saying in the Marine Corps, we were “badass, romping, stomping, kickass, lean, mean killing machines.”

    And might I add today as a certifiable geezer and old fart, I have become a MMM (a Mean Misanthropic Motherfucker) too.

  • Thanks for writing this article, which makes salient points without degenerating into racism. Among those points is that “the only war criminal is he who loses the war.” As Orwell put it, “History is written by the winners.” Recounting an African proverb, Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe expressed the same thought more colorfully: “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”

    But this attitude is problematical when institutionalized in organizations of dubious legitimacy such as the International Criminal Court. Regarding Mr. Bemba, you write, “we must take vengeance and ‘fry’ this heinous, genocidal murderer.” That may be the punishment he deserves, but the mechanism here is troubling.

    For one thing, to recollect the old joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto imperiled by Indians, “What do you mean we, pale face?” You certainly cannot mean Americans, for the USA is not a member of the ICC. So technically we have no dog in this hunt.

    Moreover, as you yourself write, “the ICC is regrettably a cruel joke and an utter travesty.” Why do you therefore recognize its jurisdiction over Mr. Bemba? Or anyone else, for that matter.