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Some Questions About Lost and The Celebrity Apprentice

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Today we start off with the big question from last night's Lost episode. Does Jin die on the island or does he just remain behind?

I'm sure that the vast majority of folks out there believe Jin to have died, but there's no real evidence of that. Yes, Hurley said that they were going to go see "him" and that they went to a tombstone with, presumably, Jin's name on it, but I'd bet, whether or not Jin died, there's no body in there.

The date of death given on the tombstone is 9/22/04, the date Oceanic 815 crashed. We already learned during Kate's court case that the Oceanic Six have pretended as though the vast majority of people died in the crash, that only the six and a few more survived the crash, and that the survivors of the crash, save the six, all succumbed to their wounds shortly after the crash. For there to be a body in the grave probably would mean that the story Sun and the rest of the Six told was that Jin was buried on the island (they wouldn't have left a rotting corpse out for months), and then exhumed once they were rescued.

How could that possibly be the case? It simply can't be that Oceanic (or whomever helps rescue them) would exhume all the dead bodies and transport them back to their homeland. This is especially implausible if we accept the notion that some of the survivors of 815 opted to stay on the island — it would require all the survivors to dig multiple graves, grab the old Dharma initiative bodies and place those bodies into the graves as stand-ins for 815 passengers. It seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through.

Thus, I firmly believe Jin's grave in Korea to be empty. And if Jin's grave is empty, Jin might still be alive. Discuss.

The only other question worth asking from last night's slate of TV, because I simply can't fathom discussing Nico and Victory's various idiocies on Lipstick Jungle (people that act in such an incredibly stupid fashion and yet manage not to routinely get hit by buses crossing the street bother me), is who the final two Celebrity Apprentice candidates are. To be sure, I don't think Lipstick Jungle is that bad, and I really like Kim Raver and Lindsay Price (who play Nico and Victory, respectively), I just don't accept the actions they took yesterday as remotely plausible, so, The Celebrity Apprentice… I have to imagine Piers is one of them, and I'm going with Trace for the other. It could hypothetically be Carol Alt; she's done a good job, but she hasn't been the leader that Trace has. Lennox, the fourth person still in it, while the celebrity that a multitude of campaigns were built around, hasn't really shown the leadership the others have. Trump does like women however, so I could be wrong and it could still be Carol, but I'm thinking not.

No? Am I wrong? Am I missing something in Trump's decision making process? Again, discuss.

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  • Ty

    Jin has to die because the producers have an unofficial rule that if the actor gets in any kind of trouble with the law, you get killed off.

    Ana-Lucia, Libby, Eko, all suffered this fate.

    Now it’s time for Jin, the actor who played him got in some trouble last year, and now he’s a goner.

  • Though it is a coincidence, I admit, I hardly think that the writers are willing to sacrifice the direction of this high-rated show in order to punish actors for personal problems.

  • not a personal attack

    once upon an island far far away jin tells sun that the baby is a girl,remember the dude buying the panda that baby was a boy, so after desmond comes back from the boat with walt and the terrorist jin kung-fu’s him or tell me about my babys fate, so “desi” tells him he tells sun. they are all real happy so jin goes out in the ocean to get some fresh susi and spears a nice one but a big ol shark already has plans for it gets pissed and tears ol jin a new ass.this is the honest to god truth stop me if you heard it.

  • Initially, I thought Jin was dead. But now I’m about 90 percent leaning toward him being alive. I think the rest of the world thinks Jin is dead and they think that his body was removed from its underwater confinement in the (faked) Oceanic wreckage and then buried, in its deteriorated state, in the grave. Or people think his body is still rotting away in the ocean and the gravesite is simply a marker erected in Jin’s honor. I think Sun and Hurley, along with the other Oceanic 6 members, are putting up a front that he is dead.

    Jin’s promise to take care of Sun and their baby made me think he was going to die in the end of the episode. But we didn’t see his death, and Sun and Hurley didn’t say or do anything that unwaveringly points to his death. Sun misses him because he made sure she got off the island but could not come with her. She may believe she will never see him again. It’s possible he died on the island and is buried there, his true gravesite and means of death kept hidden from scavengers and the rest of the world. But I think this is Option B after the “Jin is alive and on the island” Option A.

    One more thing: I do wonder what it is that prevents the Oceanic 6 from wanting to launch a rescue party ASAP. I can see Sun waiting until the baby is born, and Kate feeling responsible now for Aaron above all else. But what is it that kept the others from wanting to get back as soon as they got off the island? I can see them not TRYing to get back for the people they left behind, if there’s a threat hanging over their heads about their safety or, more importantly, the safety of their fellow castaways. But they seem to have no initial interest in going back for the others (not until Hurley’s visions of Charlie got the ball rolling). Not WANTing to go back is pretty surprising, don’t you think?

  • CallmeMaddy

    I’m guessing Trace and Piers.

  • Marissa

    It’s trace and piers altheway, no doubt. A southern boy knows how to take on the city, also no doubt about it! Go Trace!

  • Rob (The Unknown Player)

    Other than the oceanic 6, everyone else is held hostage on the island imo. All of these flashforwards aren’t to a point in time which is a resolution as seems to be implied imo, I think they are flashforwards to a point in time just before the final plot resolution.