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Some People Do Learn!

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With an inflammatory title carefully chosen, I present an isolated article from the Chicago Sun-Times (courtesy, apparently, of the Christian Science Monitor) which reports that opposition to the war is on the wane in France. The anti-war sentiment among the French has dropped from 84% to 55%. Still more people there are against the war than for it, but I was intrigued most by the factor to which the article attributes the change in tone.

“I still think it was right of Chirac to say no to the war,” says…Paris secretary [Natalie Lavarra]. “But when I saw how happy the Iraqis were . . . I had to ask myself whether we didn’t perhaps make a mistake.”

Combined with reports of Iraqis looting the French and German embassies at the same time they looted Ba’ath party buildings, it seems that at least some Iraqis agree with Natalie Lavarra.

If only more people here at Blogcritics could see things so clearly. And yes, I’m feeling ornery. 🙂

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  • Add Chris Matthews to the list of honest anti-war folks.