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Some Partisans Are Worse Than The Looters!

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Many Americans have clearly lost their sense of shame.

I say that because the rhetoric from some of the MSM and hard left wackos has clearly gone far over the top. They are WORSE than the low-lifes who are in New Orleans right now breaking into stores and homes to steal valuables, TVs, computers, and whatever else they can get their hands on.

And just to clarify, I do not consider someone who goes into a store to get food and water a looter. They are trying to survive, and we all know and understand this.

But brainless wonders in New Orleans who are taking numerous items large and small from homes and shops all over the city are worthy only of our contempt. Do they even understand that they’ll likely never get their loot out of the city? Stupid AND dishonest… A winning combination, don’t you think?

But even lower are those partisans in the MSM and elsewhere who are joyfully using this horrible disaster to try and score points against the President. I thought I had seen the worst kinds of behaviour possible from these idiots, but they’ve clearly sunk to a new low, publishing some articles blaming the disaster on President Bush BEFORE the hurricane had even struck! Here are a few examples, brought to you by James Taranto of Opinionjournal.com, the online opinion section of the Wall Street Journal:

  • Cindy Sheehan: “George is finished playing golf and telling his fables in San Diego, so he will be heading to Louisiana to see the devastation that his environmental policies and his killing policies have caused.”
  • Josh Marshall: “I know we’re supposed to be observing an accountability free moment for the president. But there are just too many examples out there of the ways in which his policies have contributed to and accentuated this crisis. No more letting this man’s failures become his own argument against accountability. It’s always been a live-for-today presidency.”
  • Andrew Sullivan: “Blaming Bush and the war for the poor state of New Orleans’ levees is a legitimate argument. And it could be a crushing one.”
  • Molly Ivins: “Does this mean we should blame President Bush for the fact that New Orleans is underwater? No, but it means we can blame Bush when a Category 3 or Category 2 hurricane puts New Orleans under.”
  • New York Times editorial: “George W. Bush gave one of the worst speeches of his life yesterday, especially given the level of national distress and the need for words of consolation and wisdom. In what seems to be a ritual in this administration, the president appeared a day later than he was needed. He then read an address of a quality more appropriate for an Arbor Day celebration: a long laundry list of pounds of ice, generators and blankets delivered to the stricken Gulf Coast. . . . Since this administration won’t acknowledge that global warming exists, the chances of leadership seem minimal.”
    (The Alenda Lux blog has an excellent dissection of this editorial.)

Interestingly, Taranto goes on to mention that, last year, when hurricane Charley struck Florida, the same idiots who are complaining about the President’s slow response now were complaining that he acted TOO FAST during that crisis.

‘Even before the storm hit, the president declared four counties disaster areas to speed federal money to victims,’ CBS News reported a year ago. ‘But that quick response fueled suspicion that he is using disaster politics to help his campaign in one of the most critical battleground states.’

Yet another complaint heard today from Bush-haters was that the President should have flown in to visit and comfort victims there.

First of all, that’s completely insane. Order has not even been restored and these folks want the President to waltz on over with his Secret Service detail to say hello? Yeah, that’ll work!

Secondly, if the President HAD done that, these same losers would now be complaining that he was using the disaster for political gain! Worse, the media would likely then note that, “the President, after refusing to meet with the mother of slain serviceman Casey Sheehan, chose insteasd to meet with victims of hurricane Katrina.”

You don’t agree? This is exactly what has happened in the past. When President Bush flew in to speak with rescue workers after 9/11, many accused him of politicizing the disaster. They went on to accuse him over and over and over again every time he would even mention 9/11. And you think those same people wouldn’t happily do so again in this situation? If you do, then I have a bridge to sell you.

There’s no way the President can ever please such idiots. With that said, I do wish all of these whiners at least had a sense of shame. It’s very likely the looters in New Orleans didn’t plan in advance to steal from homes and stores in response to this disaster, but I have no doubt that some members of the MSM, as well as others, did plan this kind of assault in advance.

When a person plans in advance to use natural disasters and human suffering for political gain, then they have lost all credibility. Truly they have become worse than the looters.

Shame on them. And shame on anyone who chooses to politicize this disaster in any way. Can we at least rescue our fellow citizens and bury our dead before such idiots start in again with their partisan attacks?

That was a rhetorical question. We already have the answer… Don’t we?

David Flanagan

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  • When will you stop calling your fellow Americans giving constructive criticism “idiots” and “losers”? You sound like a rabid dog yourself. Don’t you see that? How can you ever expect anyone to discuss matters respectfully with you when you are so insulting as you come out of the gate? Think before you type.

  • I bet he’ll stop when they stop saying idiotic things like the things he quotes in this article.


  • I don’t think anyone of note complained that Bush responded to a crisis “too fast.”

    You should look to your own bias here, David. You may not like pubs like The New York Times, but they’re right on here… as they are much of the time.

  • >>You should look to your own bias here, David. < < Yep, I'm biased towards being sensible. >>You may not like pubs like The New York Times, but they’re right on here… as they are much of the time.<< Why do you think I have anything against the Times? What Flanagan quoted was an editorial anyway, not necessarily representative of everything in the Times. Dave

  • I was talking to “David” and not “Dave,” Dave.

  • Looks like the editorial is unsigned, which I take to mean it was by the Ed staff.

  • RogerMDillion

    Darn that free speech. Ruining everything again.

  • Rich

    Hey good news Bush is said to finally set foot on New Orleans Friday!

    Maybe he’ll get a different perspective from 1,700 feet above the disaster.

    I just hope his golfing game improved while he was on vacation, or did he say he wasn’t on vacation?

    It’s about time he got Daddy and Bill to collect private donations. At the same time our President will stick to cutting public funds.

    Durring his photo opp is he going to wear his flight suit, brush cutting garb, or his cowboy attire?

    Hope he collects the dead bodies from the streets to understand what his policies do to Americans.

    Welcome to ground zero Mr. President.

    Where the hell have you been?

  • Rich,

    Thank you for making my point so perfectly.


  • Liberal

    Federal Emergency Management Director Michael Brown told CNN that federal officials were unaware of the crowds at the convention center until Thursday, despite the fact that city officials had been telling people for days to gather there.

    “We just learned about that today, and so I have directed that we have all available resources to get to that convention center to make sure that they have the food and water, the medical care that they need,” he said.

    Doesn’t anyone in the Administration watch CNN?

  • Maurice


    you haven’t seen the viewership numbers?

    NOBODY watches CNN!

  • Alan

    This is where the wheels fall off the train…where we discover that the current federal executive branch of government is not only unprepared, but probably criminally negligent for its lack of planning for the Levee failure in New Orleans, LA.

    We can’t do anything now, after the fact, except help where possible, but we can do anything possible to remove the incompetent, privileged political class that has failed the poor people of the gulf coast.

    I recommend that criminal and civil actions be instituted immediately against the entire executive branch of the federal gov., and that the Gov. Of LA be held liable for directing people to the Superdome, without first pre-positioning aid.

    A citizen’s revolt must be instituted, by a national tax boycott, where the funds are re-directed to direct relief of the affected area.

    This is only the latest of the many national failures, including the wholly preventable 9/11 tragedy, a lie-war in Iraq, and in general, all of the bad things that flow from a political class that has not had ordinary citizen representatives in decades – but rather places an average price tag of a senate seat at over 70 million dollars to bid for the privilege of serving.

  • Aldino

    just for reference:

    do you want to know why liberals are pushing so hard to not be bi-partisan anymore?

    because we’ve heard all of this before.

    after every disaster that post-ex facto can be traced to major failures within the government to prevent them within the last 5 years (and yes i will put partial blame on president clinton for not doing enough as well during 9-11, however i will put JUST AS MUCH blame on the republican held congress wasting millions of billions of dollars and valuable fbi/cia resources that should have been spent on either counter-terrorism or social programs rather than trying to impeach him, if not more) but we always are told that “now is not the time to point fingers.” we know this story, and we’re tired of it.

    the truth is beyond donating money and cutting back on gas usage, there isn’t much the everyman of america will be able to do at least until they reopen the city to clean. so what are we left to do? we can woe and mourn, we can say how much of a tragedy this is and how terrible it is that it happened, but the problem is that things went wrong that shouldn’t have. if this hurricane had hit south carolina and flattened and killed as many as it did, you might not here liberal pondering about blame, it would just be a natural disaster. in fact, as far as alabama and Mississippi is concerned you don’t. the only thing you hear us bitching about in that respect is the lack of response, which is completely undeniable.

    i am not fema, i am not the red cross, i’ll donate to relief efforts and may even volunteer to clean the city when i can, but i cannot do anything for the people there right now beyond that. but i want to know (as do the citizens of coastal LA, MS, and AB) why these short comings have been allowed to pass? if we DON’T say anything, then who will? it sure as hell won’t come from the other camp, and the longer people rest on their laurels about such things the less impact it will have. nobody raged on about bush or the gov. monday morning, we all saw destruction and felt terrible for the people who must endure. the next day we saw floods and more destruction, and we saw nobody their but the hapless. where were the men we pay to help us in these dire times? flying 2500ft above sea level, having corporate lunches with Rummy and holding empty speeches that did nothing to console the disconsolate.

    Liberals have had enough of being told to shut up. we did it during the first presidency, and all we saw out of it was a war that many in this country and many more around the world did not want. I believe may 5th was the international protest the war day of ’03, and we saw the biggest global protest of ANYTHING in history. credit that to improved global communication, but the fact remains regardless.

    but america stayed the course, kept on giving soundbytes about WMD’s and Al-Qaeda and Saddam and now we have the disaster that is the iraqi reconstruction effort.

    we’re tired of being told we’re unamerican because we don’t agree. there are enough of us out there to completely discredit that fact. we’re tired of these washed up soundbytes that deflect accountability, of reused lines about ‘staying the course’, to be told help is ‘on it’s way’ with no viable timeline or no reason why it didn’t come sooner. because we know one truth in all of this,

    if it couldn’t have come sooner, they would have said so by now.

  • Shame on them. And shame on anyone who chooses to politicize this disaster in any way. Can we at least rescue our fellow citizens and bury our dead before such idiots start in again with their partisan attacks?

    Perhaps the thing to do, David, is lead by example.

  • This is where the wheels fall off the train…where we discover that the current federal executive branch of government is not only unprepared, but probably criminally negligent for its lack of planning for the Levee failure in New Orleans, LA.

    Alan: What you say sounds reasonable on the surface, but on a conference call with the press, the Core of Engineers stated that all the levees certified before the hurricane as being in good condition. Furthermore, projects to slowly upgrade the strength of the levees has been ongoing since 1965! And one of the walls which crumbled after Katrina hit it was already upgraded.

    So, no, there will be no finding of fault, or criminal negligence when it comes to the management of the levees. Sorry to disappoint you on that.


  • Perhaps the thing to do, David, is lead by example.

    I would love to, but after hearing all the worthless rhetoric coming from the left, and seeing the joy in their eyes at having something to throw at the President, I decided to speak up.


  • Shark

    From Flanagan’s “essay”: “Stupid AND dishonest… A winning combination, don’t you think?”

    Yeah, got Bush reelected in 2004.


    Flanagan: “Can we at least rescue our fellow citizens and bury our dead before such idiots start in again with their partisan attacks?”

    It’s day FIVE. Where was Bush on Day One?


    PS: Greatest disasters in recent American History:

    1) Iraq Invasion
    2) FEDERAL handling of Katrina crisis

    And who’s the boss overseeing all these FUCK UPS?

    “That was a rhetorical question. We already have the answer… Don’t we?”

  • Shark

    I wonder how many days it would have taken if the majority of people weren’t black and poor?

    Or how many Cracker Republicans in Orange County, Ca would still be standing at the convention center screaming “Help Us! Help Us! Help Us!”–?

    “–That was a rhetorical question. We already have the answer… Don’t we?”

  • Nancy

    I belong to a volunteer organization. To date we haven’t seen a nickel of funding that was supposed to have been distributed to first responders over TWO YEARS ago. A clue to why now, and where those funds may be, was garnered from an article a few months ago in the Washington Post, regarding the ultra-deluxe, exclusive dining rooms (not room, roomS) for the upper echelon people of the Dept. of Homeland inSecurity, including a specially private room for the Sec. himself, complete w/designer, full-time chef, original art for the walls, and real leather furniture. Nice, huh? And we’re all wondering why the people are dying down there in New Orleans & the DHS can’t get it’s head out of it’s butt in order to figure out what to do, 5 days after the event?

  • duskins

    President Bush… Blaming him? Didn’t he disapprove having the levee system improved, of which protected* (past tense) New Orleans? I have heard things like “this has been happening for thirty-years, by past presidents.” YES! And also, weather folks, dorks, whatever also stated we are the beginning of awful hurricanes, since about 95. I’m very glad he was able to come back from his vacation early, just had to stay one extra night. Anyway, I agree, you’re calling your fellow Americans idiots. I certainly can’t say I can form an opinion. Stealing cars? I would, to get my ass out of New Orleans, probably a big truck at that. You’re not there buddy, nor am I, nor have you been in a position these people are in, any time during your lifetime. Think before you write, or even better, try to avoid writing about things you are unable to comprehend, like myself or anyone else who has not seen these events first hand aside through the media- I’m sure it’s always straight as an arrow in depicting the objectivity reality of the situation-

  • Dave

    “And shame on anyone who chooses to politicize this disaster in any way”

    Exactly. Nothing’s ever anybody’s fault. There is never a lack of leadership. There is never outrageously poor judgement — or worse — from Bush or his administration. It’s perfectly reasonable that George stayed for another 7 minutes reading to the kiddies on 9/11, because if he had simple said, “Gee, kids, Mr. President is soooooo busy, he’s got to end his little visit a little early” – if he had said that, the kids would have flipped out. Right? Isn’t that the incredibly lame excuse you fulltime apologists use for why the President of the United States sat and did NOTHING after he was informed that the United States was under attack? And now it’s DAYS after the hurrican hit, and the troops are finally arriving. Four days after Katrina hit?! You’ve got to be kidding.
    YOU should be ashamed for supporting wealth and power at all costs, and for calling those who speak up about the gross lies and corruption “idiots”. If all you were was an idiot, you be infinitely more respectable..

  • Keep it up man. Keep on backing up the administration. Keep on hating your fellow Americans, keep on being a part of the problem. Your brand of selfish, shortsighted and egotistical rhetoric is exactly what makes this world such an awful place for billions of other human beings. You sit in your smug little world spewing out hate and contempt without ever having had to face the results of your ignorance. No fear though, you and your type always end up paying for your sins, in one way or the other. Bush and company are, frankly, Nazi’s and worse. The evidence is piling up against them, conspiracy, treason, murder you name it. And you are deluded into thinking they give a shit about you to begin with, chances are you will never be a part of their club, no matter how much you try to suck up (it’s in the blood boy). But, when the final chapter on this sad and sick period in our nations history is written, you and all of those ignorant, squealing piggies feeding at the government trough in an orgy of self-satisfied glee will have to answer for their crimes. No prior restraint right? Say what you want, no matter how utterly inhuman and foul, but be prepared to pay the price, just as the Vichy traitors did in France at the end of WWII. The neo-con plan is unravelling, the center will not hold and when the masks are ripped off I will be among the first in line to call for treason trials against all of you, but of course I won’t support you being put to death, I think a life in prison with those who have been hurt by your so-called philosophy may help you to see the light.

  • The Left loves Katrina.

  • Where was Bush on day one? I answer that in my latest post, “Mandatory New Orleans Evac Order Came at President’s Request.

    First of all, the President declared that whole region a disaster area in advance of the storm so that FEMA could move into position before the storm hit. Then, the President called the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of LA and asked them to please order a mandatory evacuation of the city. THEN President Bush began moving federal troops towards the area before having received any specific request for federal help, despite the fact that normally a President cannot issue such orders until after help is specifically requested.

    Of course, the MSM is not interested in the fact. Are you interested in the facts?

    “That was a rhetorical question. We already have the answer… Don’t we?” 😉


  • And shame on anyone who chooses to politicize this disaster in any way.>>

    So you are also going to shame Brit Hume, who in reviewing remarks following Hurricane Katrina blasted Sheehan and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (but didn’t criticize any Republicans)?

  • David,

    Don’t be dense David. Hume was responding to idiotic comments by both Sheehan and Kennedy saying that Bush was responsible for Katrina in the first place because, of course, Bush caused global warming.

    Again, when I show the President did everything he could to intervene and help out, we either change the subject or simply ignore the facts. I see that you’ve memorized the partisan playbook.

    Good job!


  • Mark C.

    I have been watching from outside(Au) what happend in New Orleans. Poor things, old people, children, Where is it? No, I can not be in USA. Your president will take care….maybe…..one day. He was busy to enjoy himself last days. Remember US ignorant, you did critised any country including Russia. What Mr. Bush has been doing to own people is just not good enough!!!!

  • Bob

    Uh, Mr. Flanegan, I hate to break it to you, but.. Of all the quotes and comments presented in your article, those most morally offensive, unintelligent and poorly reasoned are your own. Perhaps you’re feeling a little defensive, because the flood waters arising from the next levee break appear likely headed toward you and your nasty little friends. I hope you can swim!

  • >>And just to clarify, I do not consider someone who goes into a store to get food and water a looter. They are trying to survive, and we all know and understand this.<< To put the 'looting' in perspective, if it's any kind of food goods, the stores are going to have to throw it away because of flood damage anyway, so those who take the stuff are actually just recycling. Dave

  • Do I dare take the time to respond to this drivel?

    No. I don’t dare.