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Some Early Thoughts on E3 2011

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This week is a very exciting week, for it is E3 week! We have been given the opportunity to see all of the highly anticipated games on show, plus a few little surprises along the way, such as the announcement of Halo 4!

Now, Halo 4 wasn’t as much of a big surprise as it was supposed to be as Microsoft e3logohad a bit of an itchy trigger finger (no doubt getting caught up in all of the E3 excitement) and leaked the news of the game that will be the foundation of a new trilogy, a day before it was meant to be announced — whoops! My personal favourites from the press conferences so far have been Battlefield 3, Gears of War 3, Tomb Raider, and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Now, the words that I type after this paragraph will be no match for the actual footage of the games, but let me tell you, it’s pretty exciting stuff to say the least!

First of all, click here to head over to Gamespot, which has all of the news and related media from each of the press conferences so far.  I, however, would like to highlight a few separate, special videos, for you all to see below. 

First up is the next generation Tomb Raider. Quite simply, it looks stunning, and the game play seems great. It is evident from the video that this looks like a game that could quite easily start a whole new series of Tomb Raider epics, so take a look for yourself.

Next up is Battlefield 3, and this is the game that I think all first person shooter fans are excited about, or at least they ought to be. The walkthrough demo is huge, and it shows even more that EA DICE will have the edge over Activision and Modern Warfare 3 this year, because let’s face it, MW3 looks exactly the same as MW2… they should really try something new. Battlefield 3 is the type of game where there aren’t enough words to describe how awesome it will be, so here is the video below, containing some funny jabs at the Call of Duty franchise.

Now for my third pick, Gears of War 3! Epic Games have promised the fans of the Gears of War franchise that this will be the best and most intense game of the series being that it’s supposedly the finale. As you may know, Epic Games made a multiplayer beta available to gamers on April 25th, which lasted for about 3 weeks, and it quite simply rocked. I think it’s fantastic that Epic have done this for Gears of War 3, because they do really want to make this a jaw-dropping game for all concerned, and they have the interest of the gamers at heart. You have to love them really, especially considering effort like that is getting hard to come by these days. Epic Games take customer feedback very seriously, so knowing that Gears of War 3 isn’t due for release until September, you cannot help but think that the finished product will be eye-watering. Check out the video below from the Microsoft conference, showing an awesome level from the new Gears campaign.

The last spotlighted video I will you show all is from the showcase for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim; it looks to be a gigantic and epic tale. The graphics engine looks flawless, the gameplay looks spectacular, and the content is said to be vast, boasting over 300 hours worth of play-time in an utterly glorious world. Take a look at the video below, and you will no doubt agree.

You will notice that I haven’t included a special video for MW3, so I will advise you on what to do. To get an idea of how MW3 looks and plays, please refer to your copy of MW2, and play through the campaign again, thank you.

To see a full list of the games that will be shown throughout the duration of E3, click here.

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