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Some Church Had the Nerve to Celebrate Our Freedom

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The Fresno Bee has an article about how New Covenant Community Church in Fresno had a 4th of July celebration. In front of the church was a group of protesters.

The group, Peacemakers Calling the Faithful in Fresno, were uncomfortable with the mingling of military promotion, a national holiday and a church.

“It’s a political rally. Fourth of July is cool. I like it, too, but they’re using church grounds to promote the idea that war is just,” Kitty Jacobs said.

That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one! The fact that we gained our independence is cool but not the method by which it was attained. I love freedom but oppressors like Saddam Hussein should be left alone.

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  • But doesn’t it say in the Constitution that the church should never have anything to do with the state? Or maybe it’s in the Bible, I forget…

    [removing tongue from cheek now]

  • R. Johnson

    In the link that this article provides
    there is a quote from a 17 year old kid
    that states “I was always interested in
    the military,either that or becoming a
    minister” !?!!??? So ya either want to
    dispatch folks to the great unknown or
    save their souls huh? This seems mighty
    strange to my POV. Maybe it’s just me.