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Solicitors Play Foul in Malaysia

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Solicitors should uphold the law, should fight for truth, should give voice to the righteous. How many do so? Not very many!

The legal profession is an honorable one, but a few solicitors have destroyed its image by resorting to illegal executions by playing on the client’s innocence and by exploiting the customer’s ignorance. Monetary gains overrule professional etiquette.

The advocates take sides. Catching the vulnerable is their trick. Demoralising the righteous is their ploy. They study the client’s nature, observe their behavior and start the game. They handle the case with extreme care as a speedy attempt could foil their scoop. They play by casting the dice at the right moment setting a discreet, safe and secure design. They keenly watch the clients’ reactions. They wait patiently until the latter gets entrapped.Then off they go making money in the millions and in certain cases billions.

They engage in splitting the family, break filial ties, cause hostility, pronounce an irreparable separation. The ruin is done by establishing a barrier, by building a wall not physically but mentally, eschewing all possibilities of a unison. The ground has been prepared for the spoil. The lawyer files suit after suit. He appeals in High courts and moves applications in Federal courts. He traces anomalies in transactions, issues notices to the opposing party. He levies a hefty fee. The clients have to pay him without any concession. By this time they are at his mercy. He dictates terms. He adopts threats if they do not accept his claim. He would turn violent if they disagree with him. He would endanger their life if they try to expose his rashness. He would indulge in roguish tactics by deploying henchmen to kill them if they try to lay bare his deceit. This is what is commonly happening in this part of the world, Malaysia.

The solicitors get away unchecked. The advocates and solicitors disciplinary board is dead slow in taking action. The lawyers handle the client’s money in sale and purchase transactions. They deceive their clients by delaying to release the money, by charging exorbitant fees for drafting agreements. Hundreds of them flee the country with the money. It is hard to trace them.

“…found guilty of criminal breach of trust of misappropriating RM15,500 and…with abetting the commission of an offence of criminal breach of trust…”

“Lawyer in the dock in cheating case…charged at the Sessions Court here yesterday with criminal breach of trust of almost a million ringgit…”

A few of the lawyers have been involved in murders too. The Sosilawati murder in 2010 was a noted example of this treason.

Many families have succumbed to such vile practices. Many brothers have become sworn enemies. Many of them have lost their wealth in litigations. The solicitor emerges unscathed. He revels in money and mirth. His family prospers. The client wallows in devastation and melancholy. His family suffers.

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