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Software Review: Whoosh! Down the Tubes…

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How many times have you started a sentence with "Somebody should come up with a…"? Well, this is the answer to all my sentences starting with those six words. My life just got a little easier with Tubes.

Bless the hearts of those folks at Tubes Networks, they've saved my hide with this little gem. Too many times I've hit 'send' only to immediately want to suck it back, knowing there's that one terrible picture in there I haven't yet edited out, the one with someone's eyes half closed, or the top of their head lopped off. Now though, it'll no longer be me going down the tubes – just my files, in Tubes.

Tubes is a cool concept. It incorporates the Internet by assigning a unique URL to every file in every tube, then every tube automatically generates its own website – or TubeSite as it's called. The individual file URLs can easily be found by right clicking on a file and selecting an option to copy the URL into an email or browser. From there you drag it into its tube and away.

Basically, once you've downloaded Tubes, it resides open on your desktop and you just sort out what you want to send, drag it over and drop it into the appropriate tube, then send it off – whoosh! Just like the bank vacuum tubes that have made everyone's lives so much easier.

Another terrific feature is you don't have to actually be online to access it and make changes! Just do the same as you would if you were online… drag the files in or out of the tube. Then the next time you connect to the Internet, it's automatically updated.

I like that they've used the familiar drag and drop feature that we're all so accustomed to using, too. Any kind of file can be sent off in these tubes. As soon as you've released your data into its tube, a whoosh sound tells you your file has been encrypted and uploaded to the Tubes server. How easy is that?

The only thing I could say negatively about my PC program is they could improve upon the permission levels and making them easier to understand. I'm moderately good at understanding the computer, but I had to read through a few times before it all clicked for me. Beyond that, it's a relatively easy thing to use right out of the gate and who could ask for more than that?

They still need to come out with a Mac version however, and that needs to happen soon. I'm using Windows Vista and any Mac owner friend has had very inconsistent picture files coming from me. Or not at all! This too, could be a Vista issue as those who have it know all about those! So as good as Tubes is, there is still room for a smidgen of improvement but nothing major. There's word out that a revised and improved version is about ready for release now, so they do listen.

Ah, and another nice thing is it's available in a free version which handles a gigabyte of storage. But for a reasonable fee you can get five, ten, or twenty gigs for $6, $11 or $21 respectively.

And no, I don't work for them. I just believe in endorsing something that works well. This works very well.

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  • Doug – you’re welcome. In this day of ‘nothing works the way it should’, it’s nice to be able to pass along news that something actually does – and as well as Tubes does!
    Thanks for the heads up on the new release. You guys are fast. =)

  • Ginger– I do work for Tubes, with their PR and marketing group. Thanks for writing about us.

    As for your permission question, the new release of Tubes went live this morning (Oct. 5). Part of the changes are to the permissioning system. Let us know if your concerns are addressed.

    Again, thanks!