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Software Review: Voila!

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As a relatively new blogger, one of the things I have been on the lookout for is a quick and easy-to-use graphics program that can capture screen shots, resize images and upload them to my blog, Tumblr, and/or Flickr site. This application would need to work on a Mac and not break the bank.

Enter Voila! from Global Delight. Voila! is a Mac-based program that captures single and multiple screen shots, and features a variety of annotation tools that you don't normally find in a product like this. Another unique feature is the ability to share between iPhoto, mail, Flickr and an FTP option.

Screen Captures
As a screen capture tool, this is where Voila! shines. This app offers a three options to capture a screen shot: full screen, selection, and object. Save as a circle, rectangle, polygon or custom as well as a full screen capture. There is a good selection of annotation tools to add lines, stamps, brushes and more. The most handy and useful feature is the direct access to the capture tools from the title bar. From there, you can capture an image in fullscreen, selection, and object modes without restarting the application.

While capturing a screen shot is quick and simple, the functionality of Voila! in working with the captured image is where this app falls short. The image editing tools are minimal, and basic functions like resizing an image to a specific size and the option to save the image are not readily available which forces you to use two applications for capture and editing one image. In future upgrades, it would be helpful and a stronger selling point to have the ability to save and manipulate the captured image all within the same application.

In Review

In review, Voila! is a first rate screen capture application for Mac OS X Leopard that makes quick and easy screen captures in selection and full screen modes. Voila! also has a variety of tools and effects to spice up your newly captured images and has multiple publishing options including iPhoto, Flickr and FTP support. With all things considered, Voila! and its $39.99 price point is fairly priced and is a great tool for any blogger's Web toolbox.

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About Charley Hays

  • Hello Charley

    Thanks for reviewing Voila. At present Voila has a moderate set of tools to enhance any image post capture. More features and annotations would be coming in the future updates. The images can be saved in 6 different file formats using the ‘Save As’ feature. The default image file format can be set in the ‘Preferences’. We would be working on the other feedback and suggestions.

    Best Regards
    Team Voila

  • Hi All

    Just to let you know that, Voila 2.0 has been released on 4th May and now it is unique in terms of capturing – we now cover all types of capture from desktop, web to iSight, menu, Genie effect, regions in any shape and more. The tool has a built-in browser allowing you to snap the entire webpage, scrolling region, multiple regions, multiple DOM elements.

    Check all the features here

    Download now and try it..

    Best Regards
    Team Voila