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Software Review: Test and Improve Your Memory DVD Boxed Edition

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When Timothy Leary was dying, his long-time friend Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) went to see him. The two had always disagreed on the important philosophical question of mind and body. In Alpert’s opinion, we are not our bodies. So when we die, our mind can continue on in a spiritual dimension.

Leary disagreed, believing that our mind is the memories and other senses of self which are stored in the brain. He believed that when we die, our brain dies with us and all our memories are destroyed with it. So in this view, death was the end of who we are.

So when Leary told Alpert,”You know Richard, I was thinking the other day and I suddenly realized that we are more than just our memories.”

Alpert suddenly sat up in his chair, hearing Leary making what seemed like a concession to his views. He said, “So what is it that we are that is more than our memories?” he asked, nodding and smiling.

Leary (who liked to play around a bit with his friend) said, “I forget.”

If you are concerned about losing your memory, Scientific Brain Training has developed a great program aimed at stimulating your mind and giving your memory a workout. After using this program for awhile, you’ll notice that your memory gets better. But the program itself is more fun than work. It is set up as a series of twelve games. Each game targets and strengthens one or more of the components needed by your memory to work properly. With this set of programs you will pump up every part of your memory: long-term memory, cultural memory, attention, reasoning, and visual and spatial skills.

Yet this mental workout is easier than dieting or working out at the gym. It’s problem solving that’s fun. Test and Improve your Memory DVD Edition is a unique set of programs. You can play Sleight of Hands in Paris, Characters in Egypt and Basketball in New York. Each is a different and unique kind of mind game. Each game has help and advice and a very useful demo that show you what to do. There are different skill levels so you can start off easily and build up slowly. You can take a world tour of the various activities or you can simply roam from one to the other on your own. You can even enter preformatted competitions. The different types and levels of games give you plenty of variety.

Test and Improve your Memory: Special DVD Boxed Edition is, according to its developers, “a personal trainer for the mind.” There are 12 different interactive exercises and levels of challenge increase as your memory gets better. Here is some other excerpts from the developer’s information:

“Engage, challenge, and train your memory as it is a crucial area of the brain that is important to your life. Scientifically-based memory games test your logic, language, and attention skills. Monitor your mental workout and track your progress–watch as you become more creative and confident. Three modes of play provide better training flexibility, while coaching tools give you feedback and improve your performance.”

Test and Improve Your Memory software was developed by a group of neurologists and psychologists. The program uses recently developed technologies proven to improve spatial, recall, perceptual, and other types of memory in three groups of test users. The software is now in a special DVD edition. Its also a lot of fun!

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