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Software Review: CheckIt 2 System Performance Suite from Smith Micro Software

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I am a proud Mac user and have been since college in the late '80s. While I always had to keep up to date with DOS and Windows so I could work as a temp every summer and use the campus computer systems, I always had my trusty Mac at home. Even now I cannot wait for Research In Motion to release their Blackberry Desktop Software for Mac so I can free up the 30GB of space I have to devote to Windows on my MacBook!

As Apple has continually improved the stable and function-full Mac operating system, they have included many utilities that used to require separate purchase. Now you can back up your hard drive with Time Machine, install Windows natively with Boot Camp, and download TechTools Deluxe as part of the Apple Care warranty plan. Plus Macs can handle .zip files and do their own file compression.

What this means is that new utilities that require payment on top of the latest Mac OS Leopard had better be really good and offer tools that go above and beyond what Apple offers. And in this Smith Micro has done a fabulous job with CheckIt 2, offering TechTool Platinum 4.6.2, Spring Cleaning 10, EMC Retrospect Express, ExecutiveSync, and StuffIt Standard 2009 in one package.

While a Mac geek can manage almost everything in Spring Cleaning, the MacUninstaller is worth its weight in gold. With programs getting large and complex it can be difficult to uninstall every part of an unwanted program, leaving useless files taking up space and possibly causing problems. MacUninstaller allows you to delete every single part of a program from every place on your computer.

TechTool will evaluate and fix your hardware, and the platinum version allows you to create a bootable DVD or partition so that you can get to work on any problems straight away. Retrospect Express not only backs up, but will also restore lost data (very very important), and ExecutiveSync allows you to sync data across platforms, countries, and multiple users.

StuffIt has been around forever and is the easiest-to-use software compression program that handles multiple file types and compression types with no data loss and the option of security encryption and passwords. This new version does not disappoint with over 30 recognized file types.

All in all, CheckIt 2 System Performance Suite offers some extremely useful additions to your Mac system software that will keep you and your Mac running smoothly.

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