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Software Review: Adobe Acrobat XI Pro From Adobe Systems

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Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, arguably the most powerful PDF creation software, has been upgraded and it has added some significant new features. In addition, in an attempt to meet the needs of business professionals, this version of Acrobat gives you more ability to interact and communicate than ever before.


Adobe Acrobat Pro XI


This new version promises to promote better collaboration both inside and outside the organization. By combining the power of the desktop with complementary online services, Acrobat XI will provide the solutions to enhance how you work. You can check out the system requirements online.

So what is new with Adobe Acrobat Pro XI?

• Edit text and images – using the PDF editor. Now with a point a click interface, you can easily make minor edits to PDF pages as you do with other applications. You just click the text or image and Acrobat presents the best tool for the job. You can re-flow paragraphs, find and replace text, or add and remove images in a snap.

• Convert PDF files to PowerPoint – quickly and easily. This is not just making pictures of slides, but rather turning your PDF into a high-quality PPTX file that you can edit and update in PowerPoint. This means that your formats are saved as well so you don’t have to waste time reformatting bulleted text, tables, objects, and master layouts. If you only need some of the information in your PDF presentation, it’s fast and easy to select and export just the portion of the slide you need. You can also just copy and paste select parts of your PDF file into any application file — including a new or existing PowerPoint presentation.


Adobe Acrobat Pro XI


• Create new PDF and web forms – will give you the ability to build forms faster using a predesigned template that is easy to customize. You can create a PDF form that anyone can complete using free Adobe Reader. It’s just as simple to create and publish a web form that virtually anyone can fill out in a web browser. You can also guide people through your form by including help text and required fields. You can even add payment options through PayPal, or extend your FormsCentral desktop app by singing up for an online account to publish forms and review results online.

• Standardize routine PDF tasks – lets you make sure that no one misses a single step. Through the use of guided or automated action, you can make sure that PDF’s are prepared completely and quickly. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a single PDF or a large batch of files, prebuilt Actions let you run a sequence of tasks automatically with a single click. For more complicated tasks, like publishing sensitive information, guided Actions will walk you through every step. You can use the prebuilt actions or create your own.


Adobe Acrobat Pro XI


• Collect form responses with FormsCentral – by activating your own online account and you will be able to do more with the FormsCentral desktop application that is included with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. You can add a submit button to your PDF form, and then share it easily or just embed your form into a website. Once your form is published and the results come in they are displayed in a table you can search, sort, and filter. You can also export data to a spreadsheet or database application for further analysis. Every time a recipient clicks ‘submit’, results are automatically updated and presented in a summary report that’s filled with color-coded, easy-to-read bar graphs and pie charts. Save your report as a PDF or copy and paste individual charts into Microsoft PowerPoint for a visual presentation.

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  • Frank

    Well I do agree that Adobe put some good stuff around a “stuffed turkey”. They’ve put more “stuffing”, more vegetables around… but, but.. where’s a turkey? I can just see a chicken! Let me explain. Adobe’s Acrobat was ahead of other PDF creation/modification tools for just one reason. And that was the ability to create really professional PDF forms with an integrated tool LiveCycle Designer (LCD). In the 11′th incarnation they took if off and replace it with a (chicken) FormsCentral (FC). FC is not even close to LCD and it’s very expensive too if you are in “forms business”. All that you have now in FC and MORE was before part of Acrobat (9,10). So don’t be fooled by Adobe’s marketing. FC it’s a very expensive solutions for form designers. So stick with Acrobat 9 or 10 instead of upgrading from turkey to chicken.
    as a form designer I might be biased but if you are a form designer/user too take this comment in consideration for your own good.