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Social Security Disability is an abbreviated term used to reference social security disability insurance benefits, which are provided under Title II of the social security act, first passed in 1935

Eligibility for social security disability is determined by an adjudicator, who, depending on the level a claim is at, may be a disability examiner or a federal administrative law judge. Decisions for social security disability claims are primarily based on information obtained from a claimant’s medical records, as well as other considerations including a claimant’s age, education, and work skills.

Individuals who file for disability benefits often find themselves on the receiving end of unfavorable statistics. Historically, only one-third of all disability claims in a given year will be approved at the disability application level, meaning that, to be approved for disability benefits, the majority of claimants will need to file a series of appeals lasting as long as two or more years. During that time many individuals pursuing disability claims will suffer financial loss, possibly including home foreclosure or bankruptcy.

A number of internet resources provide information about the filing of social security disability claims, including government websites, blogs, forums, twitter profiles, and online articles.

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