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Social Networks as a Means of Connecting

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North American society has come to depend on the Internet as a way of socializing and meeting contacts for both business and pleasure. Thanks to social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In, such a lifestyle is achievable.

Twitter has become a fantastic new tool for people who need to connect on a business level. Not only is the handy social network a great way to meet new contacts and connect with other people from around the world, it possesses a simple interface that makes it easy for others to find you.

I recently connected with an author seeking a review through Twitter. I was surprised when he admitted to finding me via the tag option on Twitter. I was flattered, but tamed my surprise when I remembered that Twitter was there for just that: a means of connecting.

Of course, simply joining the above-mentioned networks won’t bring you overnight fame and fortune. You have to advertise your account and be online often. As promising as media networks on the Internet are, maintaining a successful profile online requires hard work, determination, and motivation.

A media network is just a name, a source to use, but the user is the only person that defines how the network will work for him or her.

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