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Social Networking Sites May Have Class Divide and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Social Networking Sites Reveal Class Divide

A study has revealed that there is a class divide among the teenagers that use social networking sites in America. The six month study found that the teenagers using facebook were more likely to attend college and came from wealthier homes while users of myspace.com tended to get a job after finishing high school. The study was done by Danah Boyd, a PhD student at UC Berkeley, who interviewed many users of the social networking sites. In a draft of the research, Boyd found that “class” was hard to define because it did not map directly onto income but had more to do with social life and networking.

Rufus Wainwright to Tour

Rufus Wainwright has announced tour dates in the UK. He is set to hit the road in October and will play ten dates. Wainwright will play London, Harrogate, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Cambirdge, Gateshead, Liverpool, and Sheffield. This past weekend the singer played a Judy Garland themed set at this year’s Glastonbury festival.

The Spice Girls to Make Announcement

The Spice Girls have stated that they will make an announcement about the group’s future plans this Friday. This announcement has come amid rumors that the group will reunite. The pop quintet split in 2001 after they achieved global success.

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