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Social Media Tracking: Page View Metrics Are Not Enough

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A recent study from Pew Internet states that three-fourths of the people (75%) who find news online get it either forwarded through email or from posts on social networking sites, and half of them (52%) forward the news through those means.

What does this mean for social media and PR professionals? The value and return on your efforts are even greater if you have a well-thought-out media strategy that includes social media, and website and social media analytics. Internet tools alone are not enough; media specialists should know who their audiences are, and how to find them using social networking tools. Also, being consistent in your message and building a relationship with your audience is key to success in the long term.

You may ask yourself, what is an easy and simple way for you to get started and be productive with your social media activities across Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook? Tim Trefren of ReadWrite stated in a recent post that, “There was a time when all you needed to succeed on the Internet were lots and lots of eyeballs, and the best way of measuring those eyeballs was by tracking and measuring exactly which pages on a website are viewed by individual visitors."

What has changed? The increased use of social media for business purposes has created a demand for an additional way to monitor user interactions. Metrics like Google Analytics that measure the number of visitors coming to your site, combined with social media metrics, provide a more complete picture about the effectiveness of your media campaign.

Social media metrics companies such as HootSuite can tell you which website someone was on when they clicked your link. You'll see clicks from HootSuite, Twitter.com, and other sites, and also see a lot of "direct clicks.” If you're interested in tracking how many people click the links you tweet out, HootSuite can help you.

Cotweet works seamlessly with bit.ly™, the most popular and powerful URL shortener on the Internet. View "click statistics" on links from your updates.

Every Peashoot account features real-time click tracking, allowing you to see clicks and conversions on your campaign links coming in from all over the world as they happen.

Finally, MemCatch has metrics to show you how popular your piece of information is after it has been shared to Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook. You can see which sites are producing the most value for your efforts. This is a great way to monitor your productivity in a personal forum, or for a professional social media campaign.

Metrics that measure the number of visitors coming to your site, combined with social media metrics, provide a more complete picture about the effectiveness of your media campaign. In the future, we will see more social media professionals, including bloggers, using social media metrics to better understand the performance of their content.

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  • peter sabbagh

    Yes, bitly works well, the platforms I mentioned in this post are more sophisticated than bitly, and will provide more functionality (time-line metrics, auto posting,retweets info, RSS content feed for posting to different networks and more). You may want to test them out if you post regularly to twitter, linkedin and facebook. Thanks for the comment –

  • I find bitly handy for lots of things. I create several bitly links for the one page and paste them in different social media so I can track each link to the same page from different sources.

  • Thanks Geek Girl – glad to help out. More people will be using these metrics in the future. This is the new trend in social media. Will check out some of your posts –

  • This is awesome! Sorry I missed it earlier.
    Glad I found it now.

    Checking out Hoot now.
    Thanks Peter