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“Social courage is being able to apologize, ask for help, and try again.” – David Allyn, author of “I Can’t Believe I Just Did That: How (Seemingly) Small Embarrassments Can Wreak Havoc In Your Life – And What You Can Do To Put a Stop To Them.”

Without dispute, the winner of the “Longest Book Title of the Year” contest. But it’s a good title, oddly enough, unlike most long ones.

And this is a good book. Now, we all know that we tend to think more highly of the intelligence of those who agree with us: Montaigne noted that centuries ago. But this is a good book because, unlike 99.9% of self-help books, the lessons the author suggests we incorporate into our daily practice of life are easily accomplished. How we sandbag ourselves by NOT applying them becomes painfully clear after reading the book.

Maybe I’ve been reading too much Proust lately. Where was I?

Oh, yeah, the book. Here’re the book’s most powerful insights:

There are three major strategies of image control:



To succeed in life:

Be on time.
Stick to the facts.
Keep your word.
Make sure others win.
Know that charisma can be acquired: it’s a function of effective interaction with others.
Remember that not setting goals is the surest way to avoid both failure and success.

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