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The sport of soccer, better known as football outside of the United States, is a game that is played by two sides of players, usually numbering 11 on each team, who want to get a round ball in a rectangular goal using any part of their body, outside of their hands or arms. The winner is the team who gets more of these “goals” scored in a predetermined period of time.

Soccer’s history can be traced back to several locations around the world. China, Greece, and Meso-America had different variations of the game, with the rules of soccer not becoming more standardized until the 19th Century. It wasn’t until the sport had its official ruling entity, FIFA, otherwise known as the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, established in 1904 in the city of Paris, France.

Millions, potentially billions, of people the game of soccer, although it is not seen as a major sport in the United States, possibly due to the lack of success the country has seen in international play. Outside of the United States, the game is taken very seriously, with fans showing unmatched enthusiasm and with intense fervor for their favorite professional club or home country’s team. Their support for a team may manifest as soccer betting, body painting, and often, widespread community celebration.

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