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SOAPnet To Replay Daytime Emmys

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Capping off its celebration of the Daytime Emmys, SOAPnet has announced it will replay the 33rd annual awards April 29 at 9 a.m. EST. The awards ceremony is set for April 28 at Hollywood’s Kodak Theater.

The cable channel has an extensive online site that provides users with a host of information about the world of soap operas, including a ton of video clips. It also intends to launch SOAPNETIC.com, an always-on broadband channel dedicated to soap fans. The initial press release for the site said it would launch today, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

SOAPNETIC will be available to consumers on computers via a high-speed data connection from high-speed Internet providers. The streamed video content offered on the new broadband service is encoded at a high bitrate which enables fast transmission for viewing high-quality video content.

This announcement is part of the Disney-ABC Television Group’s overall Digital Media multiplatform business initiative and demonstrates the Group’s ongoing commitment to launching new broadband and other digital products and working with strategic partners in the digital media space to make its high-quality, informative and entertaining content available to consumers whenever and wherever they choose.

Source: SOAPNETIC media release

No doubt this will be good news for soap fans with busy schedules. The main SOAPnet will continue to air original programs and replays of daily soaps over cable networks while the new Soapnetic will give them the ability to watch shows online when they want, along with original shows, classic moments and more.

It appears that Soapnetic will only be available to Verizon DSL customers at launch.

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    IS THIS IN REFENCE TO THE SOap line if not i am not really sure why i am sending my comments then if it is i would like to know before i do waste my time typing my thoughts on this subject i am really so sorry that i have taken up a few minutes of your time and a jumble of a few minutes of my time but in regards of the soap stars i am happy to be a fan of a few televation soap shows and stars right now i am not a happy camper i am just worried that i am on the wrong line i have been watching the soaps as long as i can remember “godh” this sould tell you how long from search of tomorrow and cricket from y/rwhen she just started on the show as a model and victor was married to julia and she was haveing affier with micheal and victor stuck him and julia in the basement of his so now you can say i have been watching the soaps for years now lets talk about other shows like night soaps like DALLAS WHERE LUCY WAS A LIILE GIRL AND THEN THE SHOW TED SHAFFORD PLATED ON YOU SEE I AM AS OLD AS THESE SHOWS MAYBE I DONT KNOW ALOT BUT I DO REMEBER QIUET A FEW PEOPLE THAT ARE WAS AND STILL ARE ON THE SOAPS OK NOW I WENT ON AND I CAN KEEP ON GOING IF THERE WAS ENOUGH SPACE .